‘Like Living Through War For Three Years:’ Los Angeles Business Owners Warn City Faces Imminent Collapse Under Progressive Leaders

 Los Angeles business owners sounded the alarm that the city faces an imminent collapse if residents elect more progressives into local government during a segment on Election Night 2022 with The Daily Wire.

As homelessness and crime numbers skyrocket in Los Angeles, left-wing politicians continue implementing policies that completely devastated the city.

Paul Scrivano, owner of the Blue Dog Beer Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California, told The Daily Wire brazen lawlessness amplified by the George Floyd riots over two years ago has left the Los Angeles village completely devastated by rampant homelessness and crime.

“It turned the complexion of this beautiful little village … from friendly, happy neighbors into rude, ignorant, brazen, horrible people running around the streets doing whatever the hell they want — with no consequence — putting fear into the lives of people,” Scrivano said.

Such examples of lawlessness the San Fernando valley business owner has seen as a result of unresponsive progressive politicians range from daily knife attacks on citizens to homeless individuals defecating in broad daylight on Ventura Blvd, one of whom smeared it on his windshield.

The Los Angeles City Mayor race has drawn national attention after residents watched their beloved home take a turn for the worse in the wake of the COVID pandemic, the defund the police movement, and soft-on-crime policies backed by Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

Running to replace the termed-out current mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles voters must decide between U.S. Democrat Rep. Karen Bass or billionaire entrepreneur Republican-turned-Democrat Rick Caruso.

Left-wing legacy media publications pin Bass as the favorite to win based on identity politics. Still, the congresswoman has faced intense scrutiny in the past after numerous stories surfaced about her praise of murderous communist dictator Fidel Castro and her past “radical fringe” activism as an organizer for the pro-Cuba Venceremos Brigade.

Such influences from communist dictators could make Los Angeles turn even more radical.

As it stands, the Los Angeles Police Department officials reported citywide firearm robberies in L.A. up 57% in 2022 from 2020 and homicides up 29% over the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2020.

Homelessness in Los Angeles County increased by approximately 13% at the beginning of 2020, according to the last annual Point In Time Count. More than 66,000 transients in the county were experiencing homelessness, with over 41,000 in the city.

“The streets are filled with zombies,” Scrivano said.

Angela Marsden, owner of the Idaho Grill and Saloon in Sherman Oaks, told The Daily Wire that living in Los Angeles feels like she’s been living in a war zone for three years.

“We basically are living in an insane asylum,” Marston said.

Marsden said her staff has been attacked by homeless individuals on several occasions and had an MS-13 gang member threaten her team in the middle of her restaurant.

Lining the street near her business is a group of recreational vehicles creating open-air drug circles while other vagrants are passed out with needles in their arms in front of residents’ homes.

Marsden sought help from city officials, but was told city officials have prohibited local law enforcement from enacting any authority.

“You wouldn’t believe it until you see it,” she said.

Scrivano said that if residents elect Bass over Caruso, “we’re done.”

“That is not hyperbole — I’m not exaggerating,” he said. “Look for the police to be completely emasculated.”

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