Terry McAuliffe Comes Under Fire for Calling to Purge White Teachers to ‘Make Everybody Feel Comfortable’

 Former Democratic governor and ex-DNC chair Terry McAuliffe made a last minute pitch to Virginia voters to get him across the finish line: Vote for him and there will be fewer white teachers.

“I promise you, we’ve got to diversify our teacher base here in Virginia,” McAuliffe said on Monday. “Fifty percent of the students at schools K-12, fifty percent are students of color, and yet eighty percent of the teachers are white.”

“We all know what we have to do in a school to make everybody feel comfortable in the school,” he continued. “Let’s diversify it. Here is what I am going to do: We will be the first state in America, if you’ll teach for five years in Virginia in a high-demand area whether it be geographic or course work, we will pay room, board and tuition at any college, any university, any HBCU here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

This probably sounded better in McAuliffe’s head before he said it out loud. But outside the halls of academia and at Democratic Party strategy sessions where Critical Race Theory has become an accepted marxist dogma, voters know thinly veiled discrimination when they see it. McAuliffe is effectively calling for ethnic cleansing of Virginia education because white teachers make racial and ethnic minority students feel uncomfortable.

So, instead of questioning why the education system is stereotyping white teachers that Virginia hired to begin with as racial oppressors, they want to reduce the proportion of them in the schools – even as 20% minority teachers is not statistically far off-line of national representation.

Larry Sabato, a political analyst who has turned into an attack dog for McAuliffe, wasn’t bashful about what his side thinks about parents upset about Critical Race Theory.

“The operative word is…race. That is what matters,” he claimed. “There’s a lot of…white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it…We live in a post-factual era[.]”

These people will do and say anything to protect their marxist CRT neo-segregationist hustle. These ‘white power’ parents want a world with racial harmony based on equality and individual merit. According to these Woke smear merchants, this makes them ‘domestic terrorists.’

Youngkin has been dominating the voting preference of parents with schoolchildren in Virginia and it is easy to see why.

McAuliffe has drawn the ire of Virginia voters with his persistent messaging that parents should not have a voice in their children’s education. It has led to his campaign being in deep, deep trouble.

This didn’t stop McAuliffe from doubling down on his anti-parent messaging and his anti-white dogwhistling. Political observers heard his veiled message about thinning out white teachers from Virginia’s education system loud-and-clear:

Making McAuliffe’s tone-deaf messaging worse is that he is a complete hypocrite: His children did not even go to public schools, but to private schools, where there is a lot more accountability to parents.

The turnout for the Virginia election has started off at a record-pace. Significantly, there has been a lot of early in-person voting. The nation will be holding its breath on Tuesday night to see if there is a hidden reason McAuliffe has been so brazen in his anti-parent messaging.

Terry McAuliffe Comes Under Fire for Calling to Purge White Teachers to ‘Make Everybody Feel Comfortable’ Terry McAuliffe Comes Under Fire for Calling to Purge White Teachers to ‘Make Everybody Feel Comfortable’ Reviewed by Your Destination on November 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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