Fox News Is The Most Viewed Cable Network In America, Yet Brian Stelter Says They Have A “Small Base”

 In today’s America, for some reason for the left, it is acceptable for their liberal journalists to make false dogmatic statements in video or print.

The reason they have been identified as “Fake News”, is when all the data is considered, they frequently get caught having intentionally deceiving their audiences.

At CNN, this is so common their once loyal audience is shrinking.

A prime example took place on Thursday evening.

CNN’s Brian Stelter was speaking with a fellow show host, Don Lemon. The two were trying to discredit Tucker Carlson’s new special, Patriot Purge, playing on Fox Nation.

During the conversation, Stelter claimed that Fox News, a direct cable news channel competitor, has a “loud but relatively small base” of viewers.

Fast forward to 3:45

Despite Stelter’s claims, Fox News has constantly outperformed CNN’s shows, frequently winning the top time slots for cable news.

In third-quarter ratings compiled by Nielsen, Fox News once again took the top spot in prime time viewers, raking in 2.372 million viewers.

So let’s do the math.

CNN’s prime-time shows had 1,548,000 fewer viewers than Fox News in the third quarter. With their audience not being told Fox News’ numbers, they assumed CNN has a much larger audience.

In reality, Fox News had 2.37 million viewers during prime time in the third quarter while CNN’s prime time line-up attracted just over one-third as many viewers, with 822,000.

In addition to the massive third-quarter disparity, CNN experienced a huge drop in year-over-year viewership with the departure of Donald J Trump from the presidency

Without Mr. Trump to attack 24-hours a day, they lost 46% of their audience since last year. Fox News also had a drop, 32%, according to Nielsen ratings.

CNN experienced the largest drop in viewer trust among the nine brands surveyed, falling by five points.

To round out the hypocrisy, Stelter himself has been beaten out in viewership by Fox News, and even by reruns of popular 80s and 90s tv shows.

Last weekReliable Sources, Stelter’s show, marked its lowest-rated week of the year in the key 25-54 demo with only 85,000 viewers in this category, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The show also lost to Fox News’ 11 am counterpart MediaBuzz, who received 1,473,000 total viewers and 157,000 in the key 25-54 demographic.

I actually don’t know how anyone can stomach watching Stelter’s dying show.

He doesn’t have the look, is not charismatic, doesn’t report the truth, but hey those still recovering from Trump Derangement Syndrome will apparently listen to anyone who still might say “bad orange man’, at least once in a while.

Fox News Is The Most Viewed Cable Network In America, Yet Brian Stelter Says They Have A “Small Base” Fox News Is The Most Viewed Cable Network In America, Yet Brian Stelter Says They Have A “Small Base” Reviewed by Your Destination on November 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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