Pelosi Attacks Trump Supporters: They’re ‘Afraid’ Of ‘Diversity, Women, Minorities, LGBTQ’

 Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the former Speaker of the House, claimed in an interview this week that supporters of former President Donald Trump do not value the dignity for everyone.

Pelosi made the remarks during a Thursday interview with Bloomberg Television while in Venice, Italy.

When asked if there was a Republican candidate who she could live with becoming the president, Pelosi responded, “I’m not into Republicans. I’m into the Democrats.”

“And hopefully the Republican Party can find a candidate that the American can live with, I say to the Republicans all the time, take back your party,” she said. “The Republican Party is a great party. You’ve done great things for our country. You’re not a — you’re not a cult to a thug. You’re a great Grand Old Party and recapture that because the public that — America needs a strong Republican Party, a strong Democratic Party, too, but strong Republican Party.”

Pelosi then called Trump’s hold on the party a “cancerous situation” and that she hopes the party can move past him.

She then attacked Trump’s supporters, claiming that he was only “popular with his group.”

“It’s interesting to see how there’s a certain element of the population who would just go for him,” she said. “They’re people we would probably never get. They don’t share our values in terms of respect for the dignity and worth of every person and the rest.”

Pelosi took a further shot at Trump supporters, saying that they were “afraid” of change because “they don’t see a place for their families in the future.”


“They’re concerned about globalization, they’re concerned about immigration, they’re concerned about innovation,” she continued. “They’re concerned about diversity, women, minorities, LGBTQ, other people coming into the leadership arena, and that’s to be respected.”


Pelosi Attacks Trump Supporters: They’re ‘Afraid’ Of ‘Diversity, Women, Minorities, LGBTQ’ Pelosi Attacks Trump Supporters: They’re ‘Afraid’ Of ‘Diversity, Women, Minorities, LGBTQ’ Reviewed by Your Destination on September 02, 2023 Rating: 5

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