Dr. Phil To Ted Cruz: ‘Left Versus Right’ Is Not What Is Destroying America

 Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, commonly known as Dr. Phil, told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) that the political fringes in U.S. politics were responsible for tearing the country apart and not the traditional “Left versus Right” fighting.

McGraw made the remarks during a special appearance on Cruz’s “Verdict” podcast while discussing things that can get a person “canceled” in today’s world.

“Whether you’re talking about science, history, biology, you pick it,” he said. “What’s happening right now, in my opinion, is the narrative in America is being hijacked. And it’s being hijacked by the fringe. It’s not even, it’s not like the Left versus the Right. It’s the fringe. And I call it the tyranny of the fringe.”

McGraw said that the “factions in the fringe” use emotional extortion to try to bend people to their way of thinking on issues ranging from toxic masculinity to transgenderism to the history of slavery in the U.S.

“And if you don’t fall in line, then that’s where canceled culture comes in, and you get attacked, and you get attacked on the internet, to the point that they’ll contact your job, they’ll contact your church, they’ll contact your friends,” he said. “And there’s something that I know, a lot of people listening, read ‘1984.’ Which by the way, was written in 1948, by Orwell, how prophetic was he in writing this, and he talked about how people would be ‘unpersoned.'”

“We call it canceled culture, they call it ‘unpersoned,’ where they would just, they would just delete that person, they would just take away everything from them. And that’s what happens in canceled culture,” he continued. “You take away people’s livelihood, you take away their support system, you take away their friends. And I’m not saying there aren’t people in this society that have done terrible and egregious things that don’t deserve to play in the game. But there are also a lot of people that get swept up into not buying into the rhetoric.”

McGraw said that “a tiny percent of fringe tyrants” will single out and attack anyone online who doesn’t fall into line and will try to “eliminate them.”



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