Several states plan to hire ILLEGALS to augment their fast-thinning police departments

 Several states are looking to hire illegal aliens to augment the dwindling numbers of several police departments (PDs) in their cities.

The Washington Times recounted several instances of police departments looking into the idea, which specifically targets individuals benefiting from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

In 2021, the Greeley Police Department in Colorado tried to hire a DACA recipient. While the applicant made it into the testing stage, the department ran into a roadblock while doing a background check. Attorneys for the PD said the man who applied as a police officer wasn't authorized to carry a firearm.

Over in Illinois, Blue Island PD Chief Geoffrey Farr said his department is working on hiring DACA recipients. While he acknowledged that illegals who become police officers can only carry weapons while on duty, he welcomed the move as they could help the department connect with the city's heavily Hispanic population.

"There's a segment of the population who cannot vote and cannot carry a gun. Those are usually referred to as convicted felons," Chief Farr said. "So in essence, the DACA recipients have the same restrictions upon them that convicted felons do. That ain’t right."  

Nevada and Wisconsin have also followed suit, with state lawmakers debating bills to allow DACA recipients to become police officers in their respective jurisdictions. Utah enacted a law in 2021 that permitted illegal aliens to sign up as police officers. While it had the backing of the Salt Lake City PD, the latter said it has not hired anyone under the new law.

Idea of turning lawbreakers into law enforcers faces opposition

But over in Georgia, a lawmaker has gone against the grain over the idea of making DACA recipients police officers. The said lawmaker has vowed to propose an amendment to the state constitution requiring police officers to be bona fide U.S. citizens.

D.A. King, founder of the Dustin Inman Society (DIS), said the amendment has a chance of being put to voters in 2024. The DIS supports stricter implementation of immigration laws, which have been relaxed since President Joe Biden began his term.

"Legislators are going to have to publicly pick a side on the possibility of foreign cops – perhaps even illegal aliens with DACA status – someday arresting Americans in Georgia," King told the Washington Times. "It will be difficult for Republican legislators who all ran as 'conservatives' to vote against this one if the opportunity arises."

Other commentators also expressed disagreement with the idea of allowing illegals to become police officers. This is because of the irony of illegals, who violated U.S. immigration law from square one, enforcing the same law they disobeyed.

Former immigration judge Matt O'Brien, who is currently the director of investigations at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, pointed out that the issue is a "massive problem." He expounded: "It's now crashing into the fact that these idiots in the 'defund the police' movement have caused a crisis in law enforcement."

Elizabeth Jacobs, director of regulatory affairs at the Center for Immigration Studies, noted that allowing illegals to become cops "raises questions of fairness, of conflicts of interest and security."

"If we are having folks that our government knows are in violation of the law or have broken the law and we are deputizing them to enforce other laws, that doesn't bring confidence to our legal system," she said.

NumbersUSA Vice President Rosemary Jenks, whose group lobbies for stricter immigration controls, dismissed the idea as "lunacy."

"We know nothing – literally nothing – about these people, other than what they told us. We don't even know if they're giving us their real names," she remarked. "If they have a criminal record back home, they're definitely not giving us their real names. So how are you going to vet people?"

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