‘Together We Will Win’: Vladimir Putin Is Inaugurated for His Fifth Term in Ceremony in Kremlin Palace


Vladimir Putin has been inaugurated for his fifth Presidential term with a ceremony in the Kremlin Palace.

Putin is the number one ‘big bad wolf’ of the western world, accused of being a tyrant – all the while the US and its allies praise Volodymyr Zelensky as the ‘defender of democracy’, even though he outlawed the opposition, censored the press and cancelled the elections.

‘Bad man’ Putin has been inaugurated for the first time in snowy weather, not very common for this time in May.


Putin arrives at his fifth term with the Russian economy growing, its military industries outpacing all the western powers combined, and in the best moment of the war in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, in February 2022.

The MSM coverage, as one would expect, is hostile, so we have to dig in carefully.

Associated Press reported:

“At the ceremony inside the gilded Grand Kremlin Palace, Putin placed his hand on the Russian Constitution and vowed to defend it as a crowd of hand-picked dignitaries looked on.

‘We are a united and great people and together we will overcome all obstacles, realize all our plans, together we will win’, Putin said after being sworn in.”

Putin transformed Russia from a country emerging from economic collapse to a country that affirms its national identity and rejects Globalism and the LIberal Worl Order, standing for traditional values like family and the fatherland.

Russia has overcome the heavy sanctioned by the West and is turning to other partners like China, Iran and North Korea for support.

Putin’s new term runs until 2030, when he will be constitutionally eligible to run again!

“Putin used the the first moments of his fifth term to thank the ‘heroes’ of his war in Ukraine and to rail against the West.

Russia ‘does not refuse dialogue with Western states’, he said. Rather, he said, ‘the choice is theirs: do they intend to continue trying to contain Russia, continue the policy of aggression, continuous pressure on our country for years, or look for a path to cooperation and peace’.”

More than 2,500 invited guests were present, from senior members of the Russian government to celebrities such as American actor Steven Seagal.

U.S., U.K. and German ambassadors did not attend. The French ambassador was present.

Putin’s remarks were followed by a 30-gun salute, after which he proceeded into nearby Annunciation Cathedral for a blessing from Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“During the brief service, Kirill compared Putin to Prince Alexander Nevsky, the medieval ruler who ‘courageously defended their people on the battlefield’.

He reminded Putin that the head of state sometimes ‘has to take fateful and formidable decisions’ that can lead to victims, an apparent reference to the many casualties in Ukraine — a conflict the church has endorsed.”

The Russian government has now been dissolved, and Putin will name a new prime minister and Cabinet, with which he has promised to lead the Russians towards a prosperous and sovereign future.

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