Pro-pedophilia group floats the idea of having “body exploration rooms” in German daycare centers for children

 Pro Familia, Germany's leading professional association on sexuality and partnership, is under fire for issuing a new recommendation encouraging daycare centers across the country to implement "body exploration rooms" and "sexual games" for very young children.

It was German news outlet BILD that first drew attention to the matter by publishing an email that parents of children at Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) daycare center in the Hanover region of Germany received about 10 new rules for children in the facility's new "body exploration room," where kids are encouraged to "pet and examine" both themselves and other kids.

"All children, especially preschoolers, are aware of the places in the facility where nudity and body exploration can take place," an English translation of the message reads.

"Each child decides for themselves whether and with whom they want to play physical and sexual games. Girls and boys pet and examine each other only as much as is comfortable for themselves and other children."

Other rules include the stipulation that children in the body exploration room be roughly within the same age group with no more than two years' difference. Also, at no point will any child be allowed to "stick anything into another child's body openings."


They're after your children

One shocked father told BILD that he was horrified to receive the email, as he had no idea that such sexualization was taking place at the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) daycare center.

"My daughter is five years old," he said. "I don't want boys groping her. I have another child in another daycare center [where] there is no such thing [as an exploration room]."

Another German father – speaking of which, where are all the U.S. fathers to stand up and speak out against the LGBT grooming of their children? – told the media that he was "devastated" to receive the email and its contents.

"We were told that this was determined by the Ministry of Education," he said. "As parents, we were intimidated. What options do you have if you don't want this?"

The good news is that the Ministry of Education in Lower Saxony responded to these and other concerned parents by immediately terminating the program before it even had the chance to take effect. A representative from the program told BILD that:

"... the state youth welfare office reported to the Ministry of Education that the pedagogical concept of the physical exploration rooms in the daycare centers cannot last, and that this puts the well-being of the child at risk."

In response to this, Dirk von der Osten, Chairman of the Board of the AWO Region in Hanover, tried to argue that sexualizing German children at daycare centers "is part of child development, during which [children] also learn to recognize their own limits, to express them clearly, and to develop shame."

"Children also play role-playing games in their group rooms," von der Osten added. "We do not see any child welfare endangerment in this."

Back in 2013, Pro Familia, the organization pushing all this, was reported by Deutsche Welle to have become "stuck in the pedophilia swamp," the suggestion being that the entire group was taken over by pedophiles to push a pro-pedophile agenda.

The Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel covered Pro Familia as far back as the 1980s and 1990s, revealing that there were pro-pedophilia views already being expressed by the group even at that time.

Pro-pedophilia group floats the idea of having “body exploration rooms” in German daycare centers for children Pro-pedophilia group floats the idea of having “body exploration rooms” in German daycare centers for children Reviewed by Your Destination on August 23, 2023 Rating: 5

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