California advances bill to become a sanctuary state for transgender minors

 On Monday, California legislators advanced a bill that, if passed, would position it to become a sanctuary state for transgender children and their parents.

The bill would provide legal refuge to parents of transgender minors from other states who have had their custody rights removed, reported California's KCRA. This new measure is similar to California's recent abortion sanctuary bill.

The measure was sent to the Senate for a final vote following an approved 48-16 vote from the Assembly.

Democrat Senator Scott Wiener proposed the legislation in response to conservative states restricting sex change surgeries and hormone replacement therapy for minors. Wiener stated that 19 other states have also proposed similar bills.

The Victory Institute reported in May, that 16 states were considering trans refuge bills including, "Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia."

The California bill hopes to shield parents from having their custody revoked or facing potential criminal charges for allowing their children to participate in gender-altering medical care.

"Trans kids and their parents are being criminalized and used as political punching bags by right-wing zealots," Wiener stated. "No one should ever have to worry about being separated from their child simply for allowing that child to be who they are."

If passed, California will dismiss rulings from out-of-state judges who order a child to be removed from parental custody for reasons related to allowing gender-affirming treatment. It would prevent other states from requesting medical information about children who traveled to the state to receive gender-affirming care. Additionally, it would stop arrests and extraditions of parents and guardians charged in other states for allowing an underage person to receive the medical care.

In an interview with the Washington Watch, Greg Burt of the California Family Council said, "Of course, Senator Wiener is acting like this is a bill to protect parental rights."

Burt stated that the bill says, "If a minor makes it to California – even is brought here by someone who is not their custodial parent – California will allow the courts to take jurisdiction of their child temporarily so they can get these maiming treatments." He accused California of "declaring war on parenthood."

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