Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley Completes ‘99 County Tour’ for the 42nd Year

 Iowa’s longtime Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley finished his “99 County Tour” across the Hawkeye State for the 42nd year in a row on Tuesday, roughly 70 days before the midterm election.

Grassley’s famous “99 County Tour,” where he meets with constituents from all 99 Iowa counties every year, finished up on Tuesday afternoon when he made his final visit, to Taylor County.

“Senator Grassley’s commitment to representative government is unmatched. Every County. Every Year. And he’s not done yet,” the senator’s campaign account tweeted.

The senator fielded questions from constituents regarding recent Supreme Court decisions, the so-called “Inflation Reduction” Act, transparency at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and national security, according to KMA Land.

Regarding the FBI and his previous remarks about a “lack of transparency” around the agency’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Donald Trump, he doubled down on his criticism of political bias at the agency, KMA Land explained.

“When it comes to prosecution, there’s unequal prosecution, and that’s where the political bias shows up,” Grassley told his constituents.

“How they handled Hillary Clinton who actually destroyed stuff — she was negotiated with and not prosecuted,” the senator added. “Then with [President Trump], they say they negotiated but they aren’t very clear on why they raided.”

The Hawkeye State senator finished the tour for the 42nd year in a row roughly 70 days before Election Day, when he will seek his eighth term in the U.S. Senate.

Grassley’s famous statewide tour to visit constituents has received attention over the last 42 years, and presidential hopefuls leading up to election years hope to mimic the longtime senator’s annual meet and greet.

In fact, Grassley’s socialist opponent, Mike Franken, has attempted and completed the “99 County Tour” as well. He finished his tour this past weekend.

The most recent polling from the Des Moines Register showed Grassley with an eight-point advantage over Franken. Grassley is supported by 47 percent of Iowans, compared to Franken’s 39 percent.

Franken, a retired Navy admiral, came under fire recently for saying he “did not serve” in the military for President Joe Biden’s critics.

While on the campaign trail, Franken told a story about how he wrote a letter to the mayor of an Iowa town where a resident proudly flew an anti-Biden flag that read “Let’s go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden.”

Franken was so upset about the flag that he decided not to stop in the town, though he had planned to.

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