HUGE: DeSantis Working On Covid Patients Rights Legislation

 The United States currently faces a dire situation for patient rights and the rights of patients families.  Families are denied access to Covid patients and denied a say in their treatment.  Last week, an unvaccinated Covid patient who was denied alternate treatments and scheduled to be taken off of a ventilator died after winning a court battle to be transferred to another hospital.  Governor Ron DeSantis is taking steps in Florida to prevent future atrocities like this from occurring by crafting Covid patients rights legislation.  The Epoch Times Reports

“GAINESVILLE, Fla.—Florida is determined to protect the rights of patients in nursing homes and hospitals, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Feb. 2.

After a press conference about an $89 million investment in workforce education, DeSantis said legislation was being drafted to combat an alarming trend around his state and across the county—restrictions on families visiting loved ones. 

DeSantis, a Republican up for reelection this year, was asked by The Epoch Times about a comment he made on Twitter on Jan. 21 referring to legislation being drafted “to protect the rights of patients to have loved ones visit.” 

Throughout the pandemic, families around the country have faced varying levels of restriction when it comes to visiting relatives.

And when they’ve challenged hospital policies blocking visits, some have been arrested, attorneys consulted by the families have told The Epoch Times.

What you’ll see over the next couple of weeks is a package develop that’s going to have protections for hospitalized patients, DeSantis said.

Florida lawmakers are working in Tallahassee as part of their regular legislative session, which runs through March 11.

The governor did not provide specific details, and spokespersons for both the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate said they weren’t aware of bills filed on the topic yet. “

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