Fox Business Suspends Trish Regan and Kennedy Shows for Coronavirus Coverage

The Fox Business Network announced Friday night it was suspending the prime time shows anchored by conservative Trish Regan and libertarian Lisa Kennedy Montgomery to divert more resources to coverage of the coronavirus crisis.
Regan has come under fire from liberals for her coverage of the politicization of the virus scare by the Democrats.
Regan posted about the suspension, saying, “I want to let everyone know that Trish Regan Primetime is now on hiatus. FBN has taken prudent steps to limit staffing levels and is prioritizing its coverage during market hours. I fully support this decision — we all must to do our part to keep our colleagues safe. #TrishRegan”

Variety reported the Fox News Channel is also revamping its schedule for coronavirus coverage.
Fox Business Network said it would scrap most of its primetime schedule by putting two of its programs on hiatus “until further notice” in order to staff coverage of the coronavirus crisis elsewhere within Fox News Media.
The network said in a statement that its 8 p.m. hour, “Trish Regan Primetime,” and 9 p.m. hour, “Kennedy,” would be replaced by long form programming.
“Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours,” the network’s statement said.
…Fox Business’ programs aren’t the only ones being affected. On Fox News Channel, executives planned to pre-empt opinion host Laura Ingraham’s 10 p.m. hour Friday night in favor of breaking news coverage from Bill Hemmer. Fox News also plans to scuttle overnight repeats and expand anchor Shannon Bream’s 11 p.m. show to two hours, while having Los Angeles-based anchor Trace Gallagher present coverage from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. The network is also reworking parts of its weekend schedule to keep live coverage going.
Regan was targeted by the Democrat Party front group Media Matters for commentary criticizing Democrats for their politicization of the coronavirus against President Trump. The Media Matters video clip below garnered nearly nine million views since Monday. 
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