The Left can’t meme: Word is you’ll upset Cocaine Mitch if you retweet this image of him as Stalin

The “clever” thing to do these days on Twitter is to put up an image and urge your followers not to post it because it makes such-and-such politician angry when you do it … and then your Resistance finger accidentally hits “Retweet,” and — oops! — you’ve shared it.
We honestly don’t think a lot gets to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell … his campaign operation, Team Mitch, is famous for taking jabs and making them into badges of honor. At his campaign store, you can buy Cocaine Mitch T-shirts, Grim Reaper T-shirts, and, for a while at least, Amy McGrath flip-flops after she did a 180 on Brett Kavanaugh.
Now he was a new nickname — #MoscowMitch — implying that the reason he’s the grim reaper when it comes to bringing legislation to the floor is that he’s a puppet of Putin. There are plenty of #MoscowMitch memes out there, but we were kind of impressed with the way this one subtly combines McConnell with Josef Stalin.
It’s actually kind of flattering … McConnell ought to try growing a mustache.
If I were Mitch McConnell & the rest of GOP I’d actually be thrilled that my political opposition continues to remind the public that they based their “resistance” around moronic conspiracy theories & tired Cold War tropes that don’t appeal to anyone beyond coastal liberals. 

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I, too, make absurd comparisons of arch-reactionary capitalists to deceased leaders of nations that haven't existed in decades. 🤦‍♂️

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just out of curiosity, what exactly is your understanding of what happened to the soviet union. like why aren't they on globes anymore or in the news. what do you think happened there

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Every time “Russia”, “Russian”, “Putin”, “Moscow”, or “Kremlin” come out of the mouths of his and Trump’s opponents, they gain votes for reelection.

And it isn’t because they, or their supporters give two sh*ts about Russia.

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BTW, The choice of Stalin for the artwork, and Soviet references
seem to overlook the facts that Stalin died 66 years ago and The Soviet Union died 28 years ago.

Aside from advertising historical ignorance, they seem more determined than Trump to recreate a byegone era.

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You’d actually be surprised how many people in the comments are complaining that the meme-makers would compare someone like McConnell to a great hero like Stalin.
I really think it comes down to the fact that Russian operatives are the baby boomers’ idea of a Bond villain.
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It's almost like the Democrats are doing whatever it takes to make sure Trump and the GOP clean up.
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Looks like the democrats are gonna win. No way the republicans will be able to recover from this. Good work.
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Team Mitch will probably lift the image, make a cool T-shirt out of it, and make a bunch of money.

The Left can’t meme: Word is you’ll upset Cocaine Mitch if you retweet this image of him as Stalin The Left can’t meme: Word is you’ll upset Cocaine Mitch if you retweet this image of him as Stalin Reviewed by Your Destination on September 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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