1920's Prisoner Portraits (48 Pics)

An interesting collection from an Australian prison shot on glass plate negatives
The medium was difficult to work with and required subjects to hold still for long periods
As a consequence of the medium, however, the shots became artistic
Through necessity, the photographer developed composition and exposure
This was just to document the prisoners, but despite the utilitarian purpose they became beautiful nonetheless
For many of the prisoners, this was the first time they were ever photographed, so they were allowed to dress in their favorite outfits.
It's almost unbelievable to think these are just mugshots, considering how disposable the ones we take today. Just admire the rich tones and contrast that the optics and medium developed.
Sometimes sharp, sometimes ghostly, but these variances don't seem to be an accident, it's as if the photographer chose to do so.
When you have to photograph every new prisoner, perhaps it gave the photographer enough chances to hone their skill and explore what was possible.
Before they were publicly released, these photos mostly stayed within the prison system as just a catalog
Personally, I'm glad they released them. These have been a great insight into the past, and of a side of society rarely seen.
All ages, both men and women, and what's interesting is that these pictures don't try to capture someone at their worst, but try to capture them as they want to be seen.

Not everyone was keen on having their picture taken, but even then the photographer tries to show not just a Prisoner, but a Person.

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