Really Interesting Pictures of Celebrities (100 Pics)

Demi Moore posing for Oui Magazine in 1978. Moore lied about her age, claiming to be 18 when in fact she was 16. Apparently she had phony ids to prove her falsehood. This photo shoot, and a few others, were nude photo shoots. Moore managed to pose multiple times before her 18 birthday. Moore also had controversy when she passionately kissed Philip Tanzini, whom she met from their appearance on the show General Hospital together, at his 15 birthday party (she was 19). She also was married at 18 to Freddy Moore (1980 - 1985). Despite the controversies and odd start into show business, she used the exposure to her benefit, and in the mid to late 1980s, her career took off and she settled down, pairing up in a high profile marriage with Bruce Willis in 1987. They stayed together until 2000. In 2005, she married Ashton Kutcher until 2013. She has 3 children, all with Bruce Willis. Moore has always blamed other people for her teenage life choices, even though she was a tabloid headliner and became a big name when they came to light in her 20s.
Hugh Hefner with his girlfriend and future wife Mildred Williams in 1946. Hefner was in the army for 2 years (1944-1946), never seeing any action and mainly writing papers. He would marry Mildred in 1949 and they would have 2 children. Mildred confessed to cheating on Hugh while he was in the army. Apparently this devastated Hugh, and to make amends, Mildred allowed Hugh to be unfaithful. He would launch Playboy while they were married and raising their family in 1953. Soon, Hugh was THE playboy, entering in many different extramarital affairs, and the marriage crumbled, ending in 1959. Hefner would launch The Playboy Club and both the club and the magazine exploded in the 1950s and 60s, making him rich and famous. He wouldn't marry again until 1989, to a former playmate Kimberley Conrad, whom he stayed with for 10 years, divorcing in 1999. He married again in 2012 to Crystal Harris, who was also a playboy model. Hefner has openly dated as many as 9 women at the same time, and almost always Playboy models. He has had thousands of partners, losing count decades ago. He recently sold his famous Playboy Mansion for $100 million under the stipulation he can live in it until he dies. The 91 year old is still going strong it seems and his magazine had dabbled in non-nude only last year, failing further with that idea, and now going back to its roots. With the internet destroying hard magazine copies of all kinds, Playboy is no different, as it is now down to less than 800K subscribers.
John Malkovich and his then wife Glenne Headly out to dinner in 1986. The 2 were married from 1982-1988, but had no children. Headly sadly died this past week, and Malkovich was seen in public visibly distraught. The 2 supposedly stayed somewhat friends after their divorce. Headly had a solid career in films such as Sgt. Bilko, Dick Tracy, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She would marry again in 1993 to Byron McCulloch and the 2 would stay together until her death. They have 1 son together.
Kevin Bacon with his son Travis Bacon in 2015. Both of Kevin's children, Travis and Sosie, he had with his longtime wife Kyra Sedgwick. His daughter Sosie has begun an acting career of her own, but Travis prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Sosie is close with her parents and the 3 are seen together often, but apparently Travis is close with his parents also. However, he hates being out in public, and few pictures of him are out there. Bacon and Sedgwick have been together since 1988, and are seen out and happy all the time.
Maureen O'Hara, director Andrew McLaglen and John Wayne on the set of McLintock in 1963. Wayne and O'Hara appeared in 5 films together, and were considered close friends. Rumors circulated of a romantic affair during their 30 year friendship, but no proof of this has surfaced. In fact, Wayne, who some considered a sexist, gave the highest praise to O'Hara. She always impressed him by being down to earth, doing all her own stunts (super rare for the time period), and showing strength and beauty throughout her career. O'Hara even petitioned congress for a Gold Medal to be given to John Wayne while he was dying in the hospital in 1979, which they unanimously voted to do so before he succumbed later that year. Wayne was married 3 times with 7 children. O'Hara was married 3 times, with 1 child, and sadly she just passed in 2015.
Carrie Fisher, Sir Alec Guinness and Mark Hamill attend a 10th anniversary party for their film Star Wars in 1987. Star Wars is the biggest phenomenon in movie history, and the collectibles and conventions were huge. This event however is one of the only events Guinness ever attended relating to Star Wars. Sir Alec Guinness had a very successful career, and was one of the best actors of his time. However, due to the immense popularity of Star Wars, Guinness disliked the idea of only being remembered as Obi-wan and having all his other amazing work disregarded. To combat this, he just didn't attend events related to Star Wars. Guinness was married just once, to Merula Salaman for 62 years until his death in 2000. She also sadly would die later that year. The 2 had 1 child together.
Mel Brooks while he was in the 1104 Engineer Combat Battalion, 78th Infantry Division during WWII. His job was to defuse land mines, and he even was involved in The Battle of the Bulge. Known from the beginning to have a different and terrific sense of humor, he never let the things he saw and did define him, as he rarely spoke of his experiences in the war. Considered by many to be the greatest comedy writer/director of all time, he is still going at the age of 90. He has 4 children, and at least 6 grandchildren. His wife of 41 years, Anne Bancroft, sadly died in 2005, and he has never been seen with any other woman romantically since.
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his room sometime in the late 1980s. Hoffman started his career in the early 1990s, rising to a well respected and top tier actor within 10 years. Never married but had a long time girlfriend since 1999 and 3 children, Hoffman hid his constant drug addictions from the public, battling them throughout his career. In 2013, he checked in a treatment center, and most around him thought he had everything under control. Unfortunately that was not the case, and sadly he would overdose and die in 2014. He won 1 Oscar for Capote, and was just 46 years old when he died.
A teenage Rita Hayworth doing a promo picture sometime very early in her career in the mid 1930s before doing that part we really like, when she does that shit with her hair. Despite the belief she drastically changed her appearance to hide her background, she only really did minor work and dyed her hair. Her father is from Spain, not Mexico as many have claimed, and her passing as Caucasian is pretty much because she is Caucasian. She had a very successful career, being one of the biggest sex symbols of a generation, only to be immortalized decades later for another generation for being in the title in Stephen Kings novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and of course the amazing film that followed. She was married 5 times, most notably to Orson Welles for 5 years, and had 2 children. She died in 1987 after a battle with the devastating Alzheimer's disease.
Bijou Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips, their father John Phillips and his wife Farnaz Arasteh attend a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Dinner in 1998. John Phillips was a rock star in the band The Mamas and the Papas in the 1960s. He had 5 children, including the successful actors/actresses Mackenzie, Chyna, Jeffrey and perhaps the most well known Bijou Phillips. Mackenzie made headlines when she wrote a book about how her late father had raped her when she was 19, when the 2 were heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Apparently the incestuous relationship continued for the next 10 years, eventually becoming fully consensual. It ended sometime around when this picture was taken when Mackenzie Phillips became pregnant and did not know if the father was her boyfriends or her own father, thus having an abortion and ending her physical relationship with her dad. Many of the Phillips family have had major issues with drugs, with Mackenzie having the worst, going to rehab numerous times and having it hurt her career. The revelation, revealed in 2009, was confirmed by other family members, and sent shockwaves throughout John Phillips fan base. Mackenzie has stressed that tarnishing him was never her intention, but she wanted to tell her story, and said she and her father made amends before his death in 2001. Mackenzie Phillips has been married 3 times and has 1 child of her own.
Myrna Loy hanging out poolside wearing no makeup and without her hair done sometime in the early 1930s. Loy was one of Hollywoods first true sex symbols, doing tons of promotional pictures per film showcasing her stunning beauty. A rare talent who started in silent film and was able to successfully crossover, she had a career that spanned nearly 60 years. She would marry 4 times, but had no children. Some interesting notes from this stunning lady, she worked for UNESCO for 5 years as a film advisor (the first actress to do so), she was nearly killed in a scene of a 1937 film when her horse bolted, lost her father, a Montana politician, in 1918 to the Spanish Flu epidemic, survived breast cancer twice, and became infertile after an abortion in the early 1930s that was done improperly.
Morgan Freeman with his step-granddaughter E'dena Hines at The Dark Knight premier in 2008. The 2 possibly had a 10 year affair starting when she was in her early 20s. Morgan Freeman and his wife even raised E'dena for a lot of her childhood, adding more to the controversy. Never admitted or confirmed, and unlike most false rumors, this one lasted for a while, feeding the possibility of it being true. Adding to the oddness and a terrible end to the controversy, E'Dena sadly was stabbed to death in NYC in 2015. Freeman took it quite hard as you might expect. Couple other interesting facts about the 80 year old Morgan Freeman. He named his daughter Morgana, he is the youngest of 5 children, he has been married twice (to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw for 12 years until 1979, 2 kids, and Myrna Colley-Lee for 26 years until 2010), was in the military for a few years, speaks fluent French, and recently became a beekeeper in his spare time.
A nearly unrecognizable Groucho Marx with his son Arthur in the mid 1920s. The Marx Brothers, and Groucho in particular, did comedy for over 50 years, entertaining first on the radio and successfully moving into television and film. Groucho was almost always photographed with his patented glasses, fake nose, fake mustache, and of course his cigar. One of the first "dirty" comics, he also sang and danced and had layers of talent. His work is still used today and the glasses, nose, and mustache plastic toy is still sold all over the place. Marx would be married 3 times, and have a total of 3 children. Marx had some interesting things happen to him. First, he was Johnny Carson's very first guest on his show. He has one of the rare distinction of having not 1 but 2 stars in Hollywood (one for radio and one for TV). He also was a grade school dropout, never even starting high school. Then, in an unfortunately sad scenario, he died 3 days after Elvis Presley. The media were nonstop about Presley, and largely ignored this immensely influential comics passing.
Gene Tierney does a promotional picture with a leopard for her film The Egyptian in 1954. Tierney was, by some accounts, considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. She had a very successful career that helped her negotiate her own contracts. She would be linked to love affairs with both Howard Hughes and John F Kennedy, among others, in the 1940s, all while she was married to Oleg Cassini (1941-1952, 2 children). In fact, her first daughter was born disabled as a result of her contracting German Measles, and Howard Hughes paid all of the child's medical bills. She married again in 1960 to William Howard Lee, and would stay together until he died in 1981. Tierney did her last film credit in 1969, only to return for 1 TV miniseries credit in 1980 to end her career. She would retire and stay out of the spotlight until her own death in 1991.
Alec Baldwin assaults and punches a photographer after obtaining his marriage license in 2012. Baldwin alleges the photographer got right in his face, practically hitting Baldwin with his camera. Baldwin said his reaction was justified as to the invasion of personal space. Alec Baldwin has had 3 completely different assaults on photographers over the years. He did so in 1995, this one, and again in 2013, all resulting in him striking or physically manhandling the photographers. He was investigated each time, but all 3 were settled out of court. During this time, Baldwin had already made his huge comeback, as he now is entrenched in TV especially for impersonating president Donald Trump on SNL. He had a high profile marriage to Kim Basinger from 1993-2002, with 1 child. He is now married to Hilaria Thomas and the happy couple have 3 children.
63 Year old Cary Grant with his 30 year old wife Dyan Cannon with their 1 year old daughter Jennifer Grant in 1967. Cary Grant was married 5 times, including once for 13 years, but only ever had the 1 child with Cannon. They only stayed married for 3 years and divorced in 1968. Cannon started as a beauty queen, winning some pageants in Seattle, Washington before making her way to Hollywood. Grant was a notorious drug user, more specifically known for his acid use as he dropped acid regularly, believing it had psychological value. It was this and infidelity that led to much of the problems he had in his personal life. He overcame it and had a tremendous career before he died in 1986 at the age of 82. Cannon had a decent career over the years, but has since retired in 2010. She is a huge LA Lakers fan, and attends games often, but other than that, is not visible much anymore. Jennifer Grant has been an on again off again actress since the 1990s, doing almost nothing of note and small roles only. Though not married at the time, she had her son in 2008 and promptly named him Cary Benjamin Grant after her father.
Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale attend the White House State Dinner in 2016. Myers had all but disappeared from film since 2012, but has a few projects in the works including a new Austin Powers. He has been spending his time at home in Canada with his wife and their 3 children, avoiding the spotlight. Already worth a cool $175 million, he has no need to force projects on himself and has said he is very happy being around for his children. Myers made much of his fortune in voice work, mainly as Shrek in the very popular franchise. He was offered that role only after his friend and colleague Chris Farley died, as Farley had the role and already did some of the voice work for it. A couple more fun facts for the 54 year old actor; Myers auditioned for Whos Line is it Anyways? but did not get a role, married his first wife Robin Ruzan in 1993 after meeting her in a bar after a hockey game (divorced in 2000, no children), and Myers owns the last letter George Harrison of the Beatles ever wrote when he wrote him a personal letter complimenting Myers on the Austin Powers films right before Harrison died.
Norma Jean posing for a photo shoot sometime in the mid 1940s. A few years later, she would dye her hair blonde, have a little work done, and become Marilyn Monroe. The difference in appearance from her original look when she modelled in her early 20s to her iconic look we all know might as well be 2 different women. In a few of her early appearances in film in the late 1940s after she changed her look, when she was onscreen for just minutes at most, her stunning looks had fans swamp the studios with letters asking the same question, "who is the blonde?" She started getting more roles and soon was a huge star in the 1950s. She became the first women to completely negotiate her own contract with any studio, when at that time the studio execs had all the power. She was so big and so popular that despite being one of the worst actresses to work with in many of her films due to her tardiness and inability to focus, she remained employed, paid top dollar, and in high demand. 2 high profile marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller (she was married in the early 1940s as well), and affairs with president John F Kennedy and his brother Robert fed her iconic status. Also being in the first Playboy magazine, allowing the country to see the biggest star of the time naked before nudity in film was common, sure didn't hurt that iconic status either. However her drug problems and personal battles ended her life early when she overdosed on sleeping pills in 1962.
Clark Gable and his wife Carol Lombard eating watermelon during a party in 1940. Gable was married a total of 5 times, but always said that Carol Lombard was the love of his life. In a sad ending, she died in a plane crash when she was touring the US to support the war effort in 1942. Gable took it so hard, he wasn't in a film or seen in public for nearly 3 years after her death. Gable would recover, and be an icon during his career. He had only 1 child, with his last wife Kay Williams whom he married in 1955. Sadly, he also died early in 1960 at age 59.
Christina Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend attend the 2011 Emmys. Hendricks modelled most of her young life up until she was around 27. She left modelling and started acting, and landed her biggest role on Mad Men. Known as a voluptuous redhead, she is in fact a blonde, and dyes her hair. She met her husband in 2008, and the following year they were married. She still does a modelling shoot here and there, and her career is moving along nicely. Arend has had quietly a successful career of his own. Well know for roles such as in Super Troopers, Devil, and Madame Secretary, both him and his wife have been acting since the late 1990s. The couple have no children, but are still happily married to this day.

Mel Gibson and his son Milo attending an event for Hacksaw Ridge in 2016. He has 8 children total (about to be 9), 7 with his only wife Robyne Moore who he was married to for 31 years up until 2011, 1 With his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who each filed domestic violence charges against each other when they split, and he is about to have one with current girlfriend Rosalind Ross. Ross is the same age as his eldest daughter. Interesting movie notes, Gibson turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard (1988) and was offered but unable to be the original Batman in 1989 due to Lethal Weapon 2.
Dustin Diamond and his girlfriend Amanda Schutz arrive at court for his role in a bar fight that turned into a stabbing. For his role, he got 4 months in jail and 15 months probation. His girlfriend, who was also involved in the fight with another girl was fined. The former child star has had no success as an adult and has gone down a dark and dangerous path as of lately with drugs, alcohol, and violence.
25 Year old Tommy Lee Jones preparing for his second screen credit in 1971 for the show One Life to Live. It would take nearly 20 years for him to become a household name as he broke out in JFK, Under Siege, and The Fugitive in the early 1990s. He has been married 3 times, currently since 2001 to Dawn Laurel Jones who is of Hispanic decent. Fun facts, Tommy Lee Jones himself is fluent in Spanish and is good friends with Al Gore. He has 2 children, neither who do anything in film.
Pierce Brosnan with his wife Cassandra Harris and Harris's 2 children Charlotte and Christopher at an event in 1985. The happy couple had another child as well together. Brosnans personally life has had some real heartbreaking moments. A year later to this picture, the 2 children's biological father died. Brosnan would adopt them shortly afterwards. Then, in 1991, his wife Cassandra Harris died of cancer at age 43. It devastated Brosnan, and he even had a tough time with his career for few years. He bounced back as James Bond in 1995 and his career took off again. In 2001 he would marry again to Keely Brosnan. The pair also have 2 children. But then in 2013, his adopted daughter Charlotte whom he was close with also died of cancer. Brosnan doesn't talk much of his personal life, but he has lost 2 of his closest family members far sooner than expected.
15 Year old Carrie Fisher out with her mother Debbie Reynolds in 1972. Just 5 years later Fisher would land the role of Leia in Star Wars, vaulting her into iconic status. She remained incredible close with her mom for her entire life. Fisher died last year, and her mom, heartbroken, died literally the next day. Both icons in their own right, Reynolds had 2 children total, while Fisher has just 1, Billie Lourd, who has just started to break into acting.
Sean Connery being told by his wife of 40+ years where to walk in NYC in 2015. The couple have been married since 1975, but do not have any children. Connery retired from films in 2003, citing he doesn't understand them anymore after he turned down Gandalf in the LOTRs trilogy, then did the much worse film A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as his last film. But he surfaced reecently though, for in 2015, Connery was questioned but eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in a multimillion dollar fraud scheme involving the sale of a villa. However, his wife was ordered to stand trial in Spain for possibly taking $5 million plus in profit without reporting any of it for taxes. 17 corrupt officials and the mayor of the city pleaded guilty in the fraud scheme. I have been unable to find the results of this trial, as it appears it may have been settled out of court quietly with a fine.
Kevin Costner meeting with the dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro in 2001. He was not there on a humanitarian mission, or some political reason. He met Castro to convince him to watch his movie based on the Cuban Missile Crisis called Thirteen Days. Costner met with a number of world leaders that year just for that very reason.
Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong pose for a publicity picture for the film Shanghai Express in 1932. The pair would remain friends as most of the cast got along. Wong was the first Asian American actress to be accepted in Hollywood at all, however she still was relegated to supporting roles as Asian roles during that time normally went to Caucasian leading ladies. She had success in Europe too, and despite the huge success of Shanghai Express, she was turned down for a screen test of another film The Son-Daughter (1932). The reason the studio gave her? She was too Chinese to play a Chinese girl.
Brigitte Bardot goofing off with Kirk Douglas at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953. Douglas is still going strong at age 100, has been happily married for 63 years with 4 successful boys, but Bardot has been littered with controversy as she has made numerous racial comments in her older age (now 82). Bardot has been married 4 times (1 child) and is one of the first huge movie stars to pose completely nude that exposed everything as a 19 year old. She is from France, where this is not shocking, but when she broke out in the US it was a big deal. It definitely helped propel her career though and she took full advantage.
Gary Oldman leading Adrien Brody, Tim Roth, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, and Willem Dafoe and numerous male models for the Prada Men's Collection premier in Milan in 2012. Unlike the others, Oldman stuck to his character as a dead eyed male model and did not smile once throughout the event.
Lillian Gish holding her biography that she worked on in 1973. Gish lived to be 99, passing in 1993. She did films starting in 1912 all the way up to 1987. She was a rare talent to be able to transition her good looks and acting ability from silent film onward, which most were unable to do. She also had a successful stage career, and is normally considered the greatest actress in the silent film era. Not many people can say they acted for 75 years through all the changes and demands of Hollywood, but Gish can. Gish was also tough, as contracted but survived the 1918 Flu Epidemic which killed 3-5% of the worlds population (up to 100 million people). She never married nor had any children, and rumors always had it she had a behind closed doors relationship with her close friend D.W. Griffith. Her sister Dorothy Gish also had a successful film career.
Alan J. Pakula, Peter MacNicol, Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline pose for a fun picture before a scene for the incredibly sad and powerful film Sophie's Choice in 1982. The crew were close during filming and Kline and Streep remained friends. Apparently they tried to have some fun during filming to ensure the mood stayed positive despite the subject matter of the film.
Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor kiss after receiving medals for being Knighted in the prestigious National Order of Arts and Letters in France in 2010. The 2 heterosexual actors had just finish the film I Love You Phillip Morris where they played onscreen lovers. Rumors circulated that the 2 actually had a relationship but that was never proven and appears to be made up as the 2 seemed to be just good friends. Jim Carrey has been married twice (1 child) and has been in relationships throughout his career while Ewan McGregor has been married to Eve Mavrakis since 1995 and has 4 children.
Gene Tierney playing cards with her then husband Oleg Cassini in 1944. The couple were married for 11 years up until 1952, and had 2 children. Cassini was a successful fashion designer in his own right. Tierney would marry again in 1960. Tierney carved out a successful career with her good looks and strong acting. She started as a pinup model before becoming an actress, and maintained a solid career for nearly 30 years before retiring in 1969.
William Shatner and his wife Nerine Kidd attending an event in 1998. The pair were only married for 2 years until 1999 when Kidd was found dead at their home. She apparently combined too much alcohol and valium and accidentally drowned in their pool while Shatner was out. Shatner himself discovered the body. No foul play was considered and the case was closed. Shatner appeared devastated, but did not stay single for too long as he was married again in 2001. Shatner has been married 4 times, but only had his 3 children with his first wife in the 1950s and 60s. He also was closer to Leonard Nimoy than most realize, as Nimoy attended all 3 of Shatners later weddings as the best man. The 86 year old is still active in commercials, events, and film.
Channing Tatum as a model sometime in the early 2000s. Tatum went to West Virginia on a football scholarship, only to leave and do odd jobs including being a male stripper. He was noticed and became a successful male model for a few years before finally breaking into film. A well liked and extremely friendly guy, he has been with Jenna Dewan Tatum since 2006, marrying her in 2009, and the pair have 1 daughter together.
Christian Bale with his wife Sibi Blazic and daughter in Boston in 2013. The couple have been married since 2000 and have 2 children. The family is quite close, going on trips and he has even brought them with him on some of his film projects when he has to travel. Bale's reputation as difficult and mean in his method acting and work caused by publicized incidents is well known, but people may not know how active and engaged a family man he always has been.
Laurence Fishburne and his 15 year old daughter Montana Fishburne attend an event for Martin Luther King Jr in 2006. Larry Fishburne as he once went by has been in films for nearly 40 years. From Apocalypse Now to Cowboy Curtis on Pee-Wees Playhouse to Shakespeare to The Matrix to Perry White, he has done a lot over the years with great success. He has been married twice, with 3 children total. His current wife is Gina Torres (Firefly anyone?) and on the surface all seems well for the talented actor. However, his daughter is the ultimate pariah. In 2009 she was arrested for prostitution at age 17. She has had many drug problems over the years as well, and apparently had a falling out with her father. To make things even more interesting, her current profession is pornstar. Yup, Laurence Fishburnes daughter is a pornstar. She has been in the business some years now and is still active. Media outlets say the 2 have stopped speaking to one another since she took up her new trade.
Bob Hoskins and Michael Caine have a big laugh knocking Hoskins glasses off as the 2 hang out with friends in the late 1970s. Hoskins has the distinction of being in one the greatest films of a generation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and also one of the worst in Super Mario Brothers. He was well liked and had a good career before sadly passing at age 71 in 2014. He was married twice, with 4 children (2 with each wife). His wife Linda Banwell was with him from 1982 until his passing.
Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg doing a promotional picture for their film Made in America in 1993. The pair dated for most of that year. Goldberg has had relationships with Timothy Dalton (1990-1991) and Frank Langella (1996-2001) as well as a brief marriage to Lyle Trachtenberg (1994-1995) through her very active 1990s career. She has also dated Charlie Rose, Julian Lennon, and Bill Haber. In fact, an interesting little quark for a woman who helped pioneer the ascension of black actresses in the 1980s, Goldberg has married or dated only Caucasians (or 1-2 extremely light skinned mixed men) throughout her life and career. She has battled major drug problems as well, which derailed her career some. People also tend to forget that the outspoken comedian/actress from The View (2005-now) has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards and won for Ghost in 1991. Goldberg has been married 3 times, and has 1 child.
Tim Burton goofing off with his longtime girlfriend Lisa Marie in 1995. If Lisa Marie is recognizable, it is because she was in 4 of Burtons films when together. The pair were together from 1992 until 2001, when Burton left Marie for Helena Bonham Carter. Marie responded by selling a ton of Burtons personal things in 2005. Lisa Marie did modeling and some acting since then, but not much. Tim Burton of course is one of the most unique film makers of the last 30 years. Married only once for 4 years until 1991, he has only since had longtime partners. He and Carter had 2 children together, but parted after 13 years in 2014. To the happiness of many of his fans, Burton announced plans to make a Beetlejuice 2 in the next year or 2.
Rosie O'Donnell with her 5 children in 2016. The 3 oldest were adopted, with the one in red being born to O'Donnell's first wife Kelli O'Donnell and the youngest to O'Donnell's second wife Michelle Rounds. Rosie married Kelli in 2004, but annulled the same year. Oddly enough they stayed together for 3 more years. Rosie married her second wife Michelle in 2013, but finalized their divorce in 2016. Rosie O'Donnell has had a strong career, starting from success in films and leading it to talk shows over the past 20 years. She is best friends with Madonna from whom she costarred in the awesome film A League of Their Own in 1992, which happened to be her first big success. She came out as gay in 2002, stating, in her words, "I am a dyke" and used her comedy to poke fun at herself about it. Worth a cool $120 million, she had a famous feud with the one and only Donald Trump over the past few years that has had some intense and ugly moments.
Nicolas Cage and his wife Lisa Marie Presley pose for a magazine in 2002. Cage was a huge Elvis fan, and it prompted him to court Elvis's daughter, an accomplished artist in her own right, after they met. The marriage was super brief, as they filed for divorce the same year they were married back in 2002. In fact, it took 2 years to finalize the divorce, nearly 4 times the length of the actual marriage. Cage has actually been married 3 times, with his first wife being fellow Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette. That lasted just 6 years, ending in 2001. He is currently married to Alice Kim Cage, a former waitress he met. Cage has 2 kids, 1 from a relationship with Christina Fulton (his son is Weston Cage, lead singer of the band Eyes of Noctum, which broke up in 2012, and now with the band Arsh Anubis) and his second with his current wife. He named his second son Kal-El. Yup, superman's birth name. Lisa Marie Presley has been married 4 times and has 6 children. Her other famous marriage was to none other than Michael Jackson .
Brendan Gleeson (center) with his 2 sons Brian Gleeson (left) and Domhnall Gleeson (right) in 2015. Brendan has 4 sons total with his wife of 35 years, Mary Gleeson, but only these 2 act. The Irish born Brendan has had a terrific career that started surprisingly when he was already 34. He has been in some of the biggest films, and is an amazing actor. His son Domhnall (pronounced "doh-nall") has exploded recently as an actor in films like Ex-Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Revenant, and has a very bright career ahead of himself that one day may rival his father. Brian has had an ok career to this point, mostly in small roles. All the Gleeson's have a really thick Irish accent, and are actually quite hard to understand in interviews, making their acting all that more impressive as they all can change their accents for their roles (Brendan and Domnhall in particular). Most have said they are extremely nice, very professional to work with, and, like all Irish it seems, can drink most people under the table.
Natalie Wood and her husband Robert Wagner aboard their yacht in 1978. Wood actually married Wagner twice, and the couple had 1 child together. In fact, Wood left her second husband, Richard Gregson (1 child) to remarry her first husband Wagner. Both actors had strong careers, with Wood being a huge star for a while. It all came to a halt when tragedy struck in 1981. While out on this very same yacht with her husband, Christopher Walken (she was filming Brainstorm with him) and the captain, Wood fell off possibly trying to cast off the dinghy and drowned. The mysterious circumstances to this event was investigated, but eventually ruled an accident. Many believe there is more to it as the autopsy report revealed that Wood had bruises on her body and arms as well as an abrasion on her left cheek. The official report suggested she got such injuries when she fell, possibly rendering her unconscious, hence the drowning. To this day, nobody truly knows exactly what happened that night, and both Wagner and Walken rarely speak of it.
Selena (full name Selena Quintanilla-Perez) with her manager of Selena's boutiques Yolanda Saldivar in 1994. Selena was becoming a big pop star, already winning a Grammy and having top charted hits in both English and Spanish. Selena employed Yolanda to help manage her items from her fame. Immediately, Yolanda started firing employees she disliked and embezzling money. In 1995 Selena confronted Yolanda about some $60K missing in funds. After Yolanda faked a story about her being raped, Selena drove her to the hospital. After being examined and showing now signs of rape, the 2 fought again shortly afterwards when suddenly Yolanda pulled a gun and shot Selena while she was running away, severing an artery and eventually killing her. It was a shocking loss to an amazing talent who had only just begun what seemed to be a terrific career. Selena died at just 23 years old. Her music is still played today, especially on Hispanic radio stations.
Anna May Wong hanging out at a producers home sometime in the early 1920s. She is most likely 16 or 17 in this picture. Anna started out in show business from a friend of her fathers (without his knowledge) at the age of just 14 as an extra. She has the honor of being the first Asian American movie star. Rumors always presumed she was used and exploited by executives, in ways the public can't event imagine, as this photo itself may suggest. Her life was full of tragedy, as her mother died of a car accident in 1931, her father and her had a major falling out, she didn't get along with most of her 6 siblings, and it only got worse when one of her sisters committed suicide in 1940. All this probably contributed to her developing a heavy drinking problem throughout her career. Roles were tough to get, as even once she was established, she lost roles for being too authentic for a part. She even spoke 4 languages fluently (French, German, English and Chinese), but it was common in that time period to cast whites for ethnic roles, especially Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latino. Interesting note, during her time as an actress, she often played a sexy sort of villainess character, but never kissed any white male counterpart for most of her career as it was unheard of for the time period. Never married and no children, she would die of a heart attack in 1961 after a long battle with a liver issue stemming form her drinking and smoking.
14 Year old Céline Dion (left) with some of her family and her 40 year old mentor/manager René Angelil (right) in 1982. Céline met René 2 years prior, and he declared her a star and became her mentor/manager. The 2 maintain they only started seeing each other in 1987, when Céline was 19 years old. Rumors to this day circulate that it started much earlier than that, possibly soon after they met, but no proof had surfaced and the couple always denied it. In 1994, he would marry her. As they hid any possible affair while Céline was too young, they were professionally able to carve her career out into one of the most successful of all time. She has amassed a huge fortune with hit after hit in both English and French over her 35 year career. The 2 never parted, and stayed together until René Angelil died last year from cancer, which has since devastated Céline Dion. They had 3 children.
17 Year Old Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift goof off between scenes for a Life Magazine shoot for their film A Place in the Sun in 1949. The film would be released 2 years later. For a while, the 2 claimed to be the best of friends, and were together quite often. Clift is 12 years older, but Taylor always looked older than her age, being the lead female in romance films before turning 18. Taylor had controversy with men in her life such as with Mickey Rooney (see part 31) when Taylor was well underage, but apparently she had a much different relationship with Clift, and it has never been confirmed the pair were more than friends. Most speculate Clift was gay, but of course he never came out during such a time period. Clift was never married and was also extremely close to Marilyn Monroe. His career was top tier, and in high demand, when in 1956, Clift hit a tree leaving Taylors party, and she herself saved his life by pulling 2 teeth from his throat that was choking him. He had to have his face rebuilt, and was never the same. They stayed close all the way up until Clift's untimely death in 1965. A great way to put Clift's life in perspective is when Marilyn Monroe described him as "the only person I know who is in worse shape than I am".
Audrey Hepburn hanging out at the beach in 1965. Audrey has had an amazing life (see parts 31 and 28) but many don't know she turned down huge films in the 1960s and 70s to raise her children. A dental assistant before becoming an actress, Hepburn survived WWII in the Netherlands, and had an amazing career, and seemed to be universally loved by all for her friendly, goofy, and just overall fun personality. A cool note is when she was helping out allied soldiers as a 16 year old nurse in WWII, she actually nursed one of her future directors, Terrance Young, who would direct her over 20 years later in Wait Until Dark. Another cool fact to showcase her immense talent is Hepburn has not only won an Oscar, but also a Tony, an Emmy and a Grammy Award. Even though retired for the most part through the last 25 years of her life, she also had her singing career halted as she became a 3 pack a day smoker. She also drank often, but neither was directly contributed to her death. Instead, sadly, she died of Appendix Cancer in 1993.
Eva Green chatting with Prince Charles after he received the UK Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award during a ceremony at Apsley House in 2011. The stunning and super talented Green has been active in the Arts for years. Never married with no children, she comes from an acting family. Her mother is actress turned children's book writer Marlène Jobert. Often in her roles it appears she has a thick British accent, but she is in fact French, and learned English very late, needing a speech coach to help her perfect it. Another interesting note is she has a twin sister (see part 25). Her career continues to go strong as this amazing actress turns just 37 this week.
Jean Harlow posing for a sexy photo shoot in 1933. Before there was Marilyn Monroe, there was Jean Harlow. She modelled often, posed nude, had the same signature features as Monroe with a mole, blonde hair, and a stunning figure. Why are the 2 so similar you might ask, because Harlow was Monroe's idol. She was arguably THE sex symbol of the 1930s, turning that into a strong career. She did 43 films in just 8 years after starting out in 1928 at age 17. In a shocking and sad twist, she would die in 1938 at only 26 years old when she developed uremic poisoning (it affects the kidneys). Despite dying incredibly young, she had a lasting impression on a generation. She would marry 3 times, including less than a year to her second husband who also sadly died unexpectedly, but mother no children. Couple interesting facts, Harlow flaunted her sexiness and pushed every boundary by never wearing underwear during her films or shoots. She also used ice to stimulate herself before scenes for added sex appeal. Oh and for an added bonus, she also slept naked. She dated at least 1 mobster (Abner Zwillman), who helped secure her one of her movie deals, and was also godmother to the daughter of another famous mobster, Bugsy Siegel.
Daniel Day-Lewis attends a premier with his wife Rebecca Miller in 2009. DDL, perhaps the greatest actor ever, just retired from acting, wishing to focus his time with his family. The amazing actor has been in only 18 major films (the 19th and last one on the way) in 37 years of acting. Born in the UK, he is extremely gifted in his accents and gets utterly immersed in his roles. For example, during The Last of the Mohicans (1992), he learned how to build a canoe, learned to track and skin animals, and did so throughout filming, and perfected the use of a 12-pound flintlock musket, which he took everywhere he went, even to a Christmas dinner. He and his wife, who happens to be the daughter of famous playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Morath, have been married since 1996 (2 children), meeting on the film The Crucible, an adaptation of Arthur Miller's famous play. One amazing fact I just uncovered is DDL has only lobbied heavily for 1 role, and that was as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. Quinten Tarantino already had Travolta in mind, and went forward with that choice. I can't even imagine how DDL would have done that amazing character in that unbelievably awesome film, but I am sure DDL could have looked just like Travolta if he needed to.
Sean Penn and his wife Madonna out at a benefit event in 1988. The pair met in 1984 and got married in 1985. The marriage would last only 4 years, as both were exploding into major stars at the time in their fields. The divorce cited irreparable differences. Despite that, the 2 remained friends in some capacity, and even after both divorced their next spouses some 20 years later, were seen out together quite a few times. Interesting note, but rumors of Penn's abuse towards Madonna have been brought up for around 30 years, with both Madonna and Penn deny it every time it came up. Madonna has 6 children total, 2 with Guy Ritchie, her second husband, and 1 with her personal trainer. The other 3 were adopted. Penn has 2 children with his second wife, Robin Wright.
Susan Sarandon hanging out with David Bowie in 1983. The pair met while filming The Hunger together, and were secretly together for a time. Sarandon didn't divulge details of the affair until 2014, saying the relationship ended as she never wanted kids. Funny enough, she would have her first child 2 years later, the stunning Eva Amurri. Sarandon would get together with Tim Robbins in 1988, and spend the next 21 years with him, never marrying, but having 2 children. They separated in 2009. Bowie's personal side is very interesting as well. In 1972, he came out as gay. Then in 1976, he said he was in fact bi-sexual. Even stranger, in 1983 he said he was actually completely straight, and used the gay and bi-sexual labels to further advance his career. He was married to Angie Barnett during his first 2 revelations, who even said Bowie had an affair with Mick Jagger. Bowie divorced Angie after 10 years in 1980. He would marry supermodel Iman in 1992, and the couple were together until his shocking death last year. He has 2 children, one with each spouse.
Alan Rickman has lunch with his long time partner Rima Horton and a friend sometime between 2005 and 2010. Rickman and Horton met when he was 19 and she was 18 in 1965 at the Chelsea College of Arts. Rickman said Horton was his first real girlfriend and he knew he loved her from the start. He never left her side, despite his movie success and her political career, as the 2 stayed together for the next 51 years. Horton was in Parliament for 20 years up until 2006. She also worked as a spokesperson on education during her tenure. The 2 married secretly in 2012, in a small ceremony. Horton hated lavish gifts, and Rickman never showered her with jewelry. The couple seemed happy in every picture I can find of them, as their strong bond is so evident. Sadly, Rickman died in 2016 from cancer.
5 Original cast members of the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, Alfonso Ribeiro, James Avery, and of course Will Smith) take a picture with 3 lucky fans while out together in 2008. Will Smith would tweet this same photo, with the 3 fans edited out, in 2013 after the death of James Avery who died from complications from open heart surgery at age 68. Smith said it was the last time most of the cast was together with Avery. The entire cast has always remained extremely close (except for the original Vivien, Janet Hubert, who was fired and replaced) and took it quite hard when Avery died. Smith himself has been seen visibly shaken even recently when he speaks about his Uncle Phil. Smith of course has become a huge star, and Ribeiro has had a nice career hosting and doing shows, but the rest of the cast has had only small roles ever since.
John Barrymore hanging out sometime in the 1920s. John was one of the first stars of Hollywood as he had a terrific career, first in silent films, then in sound and was a huge success in plays on Broadway and around the country as well. If the name sounds familiar, it's because he is from the very successful Barrymore family. The family tradition continues today with Drew Barrymore, who is his granddaughter. His father acted, his siblings acted, his children and grandchildren acted, to much success. But John was also a tragedy, as he had mental breakdowns, personal struggles, and a terrible drinking problem. His good looks deteriorated from this, and he looked worn down and far older than the roles he was up for by the 1930s. Some interesting notes of John; he is considered the best actor amongst his siblings Lionel and Ethel Barrymore, but he was never nominated for an Academy Award in his career (both his siblings were). He also survived the devastating San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that destroyed much of the city, and was drafted for WWI but not accepted due to health ailments. He was married 4 times, and had 3 children, notably actor John Drew Barrymore and actress Diana Barrymore (who is only 6 years older than Johns 4th wife, as the 2 also had a 33 year age gap). He died in 1942 at age 60 from cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure. He also had pneumonia at the time.
Sir Laurence Olivier and his wife Vivien Leigh take pictures for a magazine in 1941. The 2 British born actors married the year before, and were one of Hollywood's power couples until their divorce in 1961. Vivien Leigh was a mess at times, suffering from bipolar disorder, manic depression resulting in shock therapy to keep her under control, as well as a drinker and a very heavy smoker (4 packs a day). She also had 2 miscarriages with Sir Laurence that tore her up physically and emotionally. She did have 1 child, with her first husband. She actually took her first husbands middle name as her last when she began acting. Leigh had less than 20 credits to her name, but won 2 Oscars (which she actually used to prop open doors) and has a legendary status. She also did a ton of stage performances, especially with her husband Sir Laurence. She would die in 1967 from a severe bout of tuberculosis. Sir Laurence is arguably the best stage actor of the last century, and one of the finest actors ever in most eyes, yet only won 1 Oscar out of 13 nominations (10 for acting, once as director, twice as best picture). His renditions in Shakespeare plays to this day are still idolized, and he had a long illustrious career. He was married 3 times, and had 4 children, 1 with his first wife, none with Vivien, and 3 with Joan Plowright whom he married immediately after his divorce to Vivien. The 2 stayed together until his death in 1989.
Author J.K. Rowling at the premiere of the film 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' in 2009. The stunning writer is now worth over $1 billion due to the Harry Potter phenomenon (first writer to ever be a billionaire). She is also the best selling author in the history of literature. And shockingly, 9 publishers denied her concept, thinking it wasn't worth it. Even the one that signed her told her she probably wasn't going to make any money off her books. She also used to live on state-benefits, and is a classic rags-to-riches story. Couple interesting notes; she used to be an English teacher at one point. She has been married twice, with 3 children. Her eldest daughter from her first marriage was her main inspiration and first audience for her books. She has also penned a crime novel under another name to try and ensure it was reviewed independently. She now lives in a castle, yes a real castle, with her husband and their 2 children and she will be turning just 52 at the end of this month.
18 Year old Megan Fox as a model for a Gap event in 2004. Fox did small work in film and as a model in her teens, including dancing in a club scene at the age of just 17 for the film Bad Boys II in 2003, where she met director Michael Bay. It would take a few more years for her breakout role in Transformers in 2007, after she dyed her hair, gained a little weight, and drastically changed her look (possibly with plastic surgery but never confirmed), with some of the changes being demands of Michael Bay, who didn't like her cute younger look. The outspoken actress got herself fired from the Transformers series possibly because of some negative comments she made about Michael Bay being like Hitler during an interview. Rumor has it she annoyed Stephen Spielberg himself who produces the films, and this strained relationship has minimized her film career since. At 18, before becoming a star, she met then 41 year old Brian Austin Green from 90210 fame. They married in 2010, and the pair have 3 children. They did file for divorce, working out a separation agreement in 2015, but no divorce has been finalized yet. Fun fact, Fox is a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, even owning memorabilia and attending events.
Audrey Hepburn swimming during a break from filming Two For The Road while in St Tropez, France in 1966. The brilliantly talented, super fun and extremely well liked Hepburn did only 6 films after this one. In fact, she only has 34 total credits in a near 40 year career, refusing to adhere to the demands of Hollywood and overwork herself. A couple things this generation sometimes forgets about the amazing Audrey Hepburn. First, she was actually born in Belgium, and grew up some in The Netherlands. She also was there when the Nazi's took over the country, and suffered under the occupation as a teenager. Once the war ended, she went to London on a ballet scholarship, then began modeling, She was eventually spotted during her modelling career and began acting around 1950. Incredibly bright, she actually learned how to speak 20 different languages to some degree. She was 100% fluent in 6 languages such as Spanish, French, English, Italian, Dutch, and German. She also knew how to speak some Arabic, Hindi Indian, Wu Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, a form of African that is unknown, Swiss, Gaelic, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Hawaiian, and Algonquian Native American. She would marry twice, and have 2 children total. Sadly, she died in 1993 from cancer on the same day Bill Clinton was inaugurated.
Myrna Loy in a publicity photo during a small flood caused by heavy rains in LA sometime in the mid 1920s. Loy was incredibly photogenic in her career, taking so many publicity and promotional pictures on top of her successful film career. She was basically a model as well as a popular actress. She often played party girls, showcasing her sexiness. She would marry 4 times, but an abortion in the early 1930s done improperly prevented her from having children.
Sharon Stone gives a long, passionate kiss to fan Joni Rimm who paid $50,000 for just this kiss at a charity auction in 2004. At the time it was called the most expensive kiss ever. Stone was arguably the biggest sex symbol of a generation for nearly 20 years, but also showcased her immense skill in acting. She was nominated for 3 Golden Globes including for Basic Instinct, and was also nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her role in Casino (she won the Golden Globe). Her influence on some of her films might be the very reason Russell Crowe broke out in the US in the 1990s, as Stone hand picked him with director Sam Raimi for his role in The Quick and the Dead in 1995 (she co-produced the film). Stone has played a variety of roles over the years, but for a long time she refused to play mothers or physically ugly characters, only recently doing the former. The 58 year old still is active and looks great for her age, but apparently has had emotional issues as she has gotten older and stopped being the big sex symbol she once was. Apparently, Stone is unable to have children, so she has 3 adopted children, all boys, but only 1 was adopted with a partner. She married producer Michael Greenburg for 3 years until 1987, and journalist Phil Bronstein for 6 years until 2004 (1 adopted child). She adopted the other 2 children on her own in the mid 2000s 

Emilio Estevez and his fiancé Demi Moore in 1986. Demi took the name Moore from her first husband, singer Freddy Moore, when she married him in 1980 at the age of 18, having already been together for years before marrying. Freddy Moore was 12 years her senior, and they met when she was 15. When Moore met Estevez on the set of St. Elmos Fire in 1985, they hit it off. They called off their marriage in 1986 after almost 2 years together, and soon afterwards Moore would rebound and marry Bruce Willis in 1987, staying with him until 2000 (3 children). Emilio had another girlfriend nearly the entire time he was with Moore, which he kept secret from everyone. In fact, he had his 2 children with this girlfriend, Carey Sally, while they were together in the mid to late 1980s. Estevez has only ever been married once, to Paula Abdul in 1992 for just 2 years. Also, interestingly enough, Estevez almost seems retired, as he hasn't done a film since 2010 besides a little voicework in 2012, but apparently does have a project in the works and may return next year.
Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgård and Brit Marling pose for a portrait for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. This was one of the unused pictures as Skarsgård was goofing around. The 3 starred in a film called The East, and all became friends. Rumors circulated that Skarsgård and Page were an item, which was totally rebuked the following year as Page came out as gay, saying she has been gay as long as she can remember. Since then she has been very vocal about gay rights. She started dating surfer Samantha Thomas in 2015 and the couple have been together ever since. Alexander Skarsgård is Swedish, and is the eldest of 6 children from the well known acting family. His father is none other than Stellan Skarsgård (see part 11). He has been seen with many different women over the years, appearing to be really enjoying the single playboy life. Brit Marling has been in independent and lesser known films but is definitely on the rise. The talented actress also writes and produces with some of her work receiving critical acclaim.
Kevin Spacey attending the Academy Awards in 1997 with his girlfriend Dianne Dreyer. The pair dating for 8 years until 2000. Spacey, who I believe is one of the best actors around, has kept his personal life completely private throughout his career. This has convinced many that a man of his stature not being with women often must mean he is actually gay. However, despite never being married and having no children, he has, on repeated occasions, denied such speculation. He says he hates the idea of sharing personal details of himself, and resents the way the media has made assumptions or just how they have asked him questions about his sexuality. Spacey has been seen with a number of different women over the years, but he not only doesn't share anything about his relationships, but he also doesn't share the names of any of those non celebrities he has been seen with. As someone, like most, who wouldn't care if he was in fact gay, I would like to believe with the way he has denied it for 20 years that he is in fact just a very private straight man.
Stepin Fetchit (real name Lincoln Perry) and his wife Dorothy Stevenson in 1929. Perry is the first black actor to receive a film credit, which he did in 1925. During most of his career, he played every typical black stereotype in film, but parlayed that into a successful career. In fact, he is also the first black actor to become a millionaire. His first wife Dorothy is of mixed decent, but was very light skinned, causing some studio execs to believe he was married to a white woman, which was dangerous in Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s. They would only be together until 1931, when Perry's career started moving along. They had 1 child. He would marry twice more, both the darker skinned black women, and have one more child. Perry broke barriers, but even his name, which was a given stage name, is believed to be racially charged, as it is basically Step In Fetch It, which supposedly was names given to slow witted, slack jawed uncle tom blacks of the time period. Still, he embraced this degrading designation and that is probably the only reason he made it in Hollywood. He lived until 1985, receiving awards after the Civil Rights Movement praising his work that broke the color barrier in film. One last interesting note, his second child, Donald Lambright, went down the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1969 shooting people, killing 3 including his wife and wounding another 15, before killing himself. Perry was estranged from his son, and condemned the actions at the time. His granddaughter, Lambright's daughter, never believed the events happened as they were reported, and there is still controversy about it to this day.
Hugh Grant and his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley attend the premier for Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994. The couple had been together since 1987, but Hurley wasn't well known at the time. Grant was established and was making a big name for himself in Hollywood. However, this event, and this unbelievable dress, was all over the magazines, and her stunning good looks and figure were showcased as major headlines. This one premier helped kick start the gorgeous British actresses career far more than the few roles she had done up until that point. Grant continued success in the 1990s took an unsuspecting turn when in 1995 he was arrested for receiving oral sex in public from a prostitute named Divine Brown. He was promoting his film Nine Months and even refused to make excuses about the event when interviewed by Jay Leno and Larry King shortly afterwards. Surprisingly, he and Hurley worked it out and actually stayed together another 5 years, before calling their 13 year relationship quits in 2000. Grant has 1 child, Tabitha Grant, from a brief fling with a Chinese restaurant receptionist named Tinglan Hong in 2011. Hong was attacked by the tabloids and media as a gold digger for deciding to have the child out of what appeared to be just a brief sexual relationship. She was defended by the child's godmother, who is none other than Elizabeth Hurley. Hurley has just 1 child of her own (Grant is a godfather to her child as well), and was married just once for 4 years to Arun Nayar until 2011. Both actors remain friends to this day, and are still going strong in their careers, with Hurley still looking amazing at 52 years old.
Charlie Chaplin attends the premier of his film City Lights with his guest of honor Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa Einstein in 1931. Albert and Elsa were married form 1919 to 1936, when she died after a battle with kidney and heart problems. Albert was devastated by this, and never remarried. In fact, Albert left his first wife for Elsa. It gets better though, Elsa is Albert's cousin, and they knew each other well growing up. They started their relationship in 1912, which ruined Albert's first marriage to Mileva Marić who Albert had married in 1903. Albert had 3 children, all with Mileva. The first child may have been born in the late 1800s, and to this day the fate of that child is uncertain, possibly dying young or given up for adoption. Albert's personal life is interesting, as it seems he was genuinely in love with both Mileva and Elsa for much of his life, writing about Mileva numerous times after they divorced. Chaplin married 4 times, his last wife was just 18 when he was 54 .
John Malkovich at a film premier in 2014. He surprised people as he looked weary and had to use the cane to move around. Rumors circulated he may have some medical issues, but nothing was ever confirmed. He took most of 2015 off though, returning to film in 2016 without a cane and proceeded to do a number of projects, and more he is still working on for this year. The 63 year old has been married to Nicoletta Peyran since 1989. They have 2 children. Before that, he was married to Glenne Headly who sadly passed recently (see part 30). His impressive career now spans nearly 40 years, with 2 Oscar nominations and 3 Golden Globe nominations, but surprisingly, has yet to win either.
Marilyn Monroe holding a portrait of her hero, Abraham Lincoln, in 1955. Monroe started writing letters with her future husband Arthur Miller in 1950 (she married him in 1956), and told him she needed someone to look up to as she never had a real father figure growing up. Miller suggested Lincoln, and Monroe became fascinated by Lincolns life. She bought numerous pictures of him, went to his museums, and read up on all she could about his life. She was even able to recite the Gettysburg Address on cue. Some believe her fascination with Lincoln, and her intrigue to Arthur Miller whom she compared to Lincoln, is the basis for her pursuit of the brilliant playwright. She had correspondence with Miller for 6 years before they married, even while she was married to Joe DiMaggio. Many don't know, but when Monroe suddenly died in 1962, she left all of her $1.6 million estate to just 2 people, minus a $5,000 a year allotment for her mother. She left 75% to her acting coach and rumored lover, Lee Strasburg, and 25% to Dr. Marianne Kris, her psychoanalyst.
14 Year old Elizabeth Taylor and 26 year old Mickey Rooney goofing off for a photo shoot in early 1947 right before Taylors 15th birthday. The 2 met while shooting the film National Velvet 2 years prior. Around the time of this picture, Rooney's wife of the time, B.J. Baker (aka Betty Jane Phillips) came to the studio to surprise her husband and walked in on the teenage Taylor giving Rooney oral sex. This led to their eventual divorce 2 years later. Per a settlement agreement, the sexual relationship between Rooney and Taylor was kept hidden and out of court proceedings, labelled as just infidelity in documents filed. Rooney was pictured numerous times over the next bunch of years with Taylor, and the 2 spoke highly of each other as friends for decades. It is believed they had a physical relationship of some kind for up to 10 years straight, possible other encounters later on as well, in which time Rooney was married during most encounters. In fact, he was married 3 times total during his original relationship with Taylor (he was married 8 times total, 9 children). Taylor was also married 8 times, and had 4 children. Neither spoke of their relationship, and it was revealed just 2 years ago after both had already passed away.
Marlon Wayans out with an unknown girl appearing to be half the 40 year olds age in 2013. He was caught cuddling and kissing this girl while he was out on a boat for the day. This was significant because he had confirmed earlier that year that he was still with his longtime girlfriend Angelica Zackary, who is also the mother of his 2 children. Apparently he is still with Angelica Zackary, possibly even married to her, but at the least have been together in some capacity for 17 years. The Wayans brothers keep their private lives super secret, and this was a rare break from that as Marlon even tried to defuse the situation on Twitter. It is also speculated he is in an open relationship, but as I mentioned, the family is so secretive nothing has been confirmed.
Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower attending an event in 2013. De Niro and Hightower nearly divorced in 2001, as an ugly custody battle seemed to loom over their first child. In a rare move for anyone in Hollywood, they not only worked it out, but turned their relationship around drastically, and have appeared as a loving pair ever since. The happy couple have been married for 20 years now, and have 2 children. De Niro has twin boys with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott whom he was married to for 12 years up until 1988. An interesting note, both De Niro's wives and almost all of his girlfriends over the years have been black, as he has openly admitted he is very attracted to darker skin women.
Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda Gabor at an event in 1953. Eva, despite being the youngest, broke into Hollywood first in the early 1940s, and had established herself for nearly 10 years before Zsa Zsa started her career. Magda did not get into acting, but instead became a Hollywood socialite. The sisters, all from Hungary, intermingled with high society routinely, and rumors of their affairs and party girl ways is legendary. They were the Hiltons of their time, always wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, dining at the finest places, and only engaging the rich and famous. Zsa Zsa would marry a total of 9 times, with just 1 child. Even todays generation should be able to recognize her famous look as she got older, which is that of a rich older woman with expensive clothes, an expensive small purse, hair done up, holding her small dog and calling everyone in a thick accent "Darling". She just passed away earlier this year. Eva would marry 5 times, no children, and would be a successful business woman after her career, marketing wigs, clothing and beauty products. She died in 1995. Magda was married 6 times, most notably to Zsa Zsa's ex-husband George Sanders in 1970, whom she married 14 years after her sister divorced him. She had a severe stroke that heavily limited her speech and left her partially paralyzed in 1966, which must have made her 2 marriages after that interesting, but still managed to live until 1997.
Ben Foster with his girlfriend Robin Wright in 2011. The pair had been together since 2011, getting engaged in early 2014, only to have a public breakup later that year. They got back together the next year only again to call it quits permanently in 2015. Foster started seeing Laura Prepon soon afterwards and the couple have been engaged since late 2016. The pair are also expecting their first child. Both Prepon and Foster are scientologists, but unlike some other celebrities, keep their ties to the church under wraps. Foster, for example, has supposedly been with the church since 2000, but only recently had it come to light. As for Robin Wright, she started modeling at age 14, before becoming an actress in the 1980s. She married Dane Witherspoon at age 20 in 1986, divorcing him 2 years later. In 1990, while filming State of Grace together, she met Sean Penn, whom she would marry in 1996. The couple had 2 children even before getting married, with their son Hopper Penn now doing a little acting and their daughter Dylan Penn starting her own modeling career recently. They would have a famous divorce in 2010, but apparently remain somewhat friends.
Lili St Cyr preparing for her show sometime in the early 1950s. A famous striptease artist known as a burlesque queen of the 1940s and 50s, especially in Montreal and other parts of Canada, she eventually had her show moved to Vegas. Regardless of where, most of her shows sold out constantly for a decade. She did a few films, but was mainly known for sexy strip shows in the nude, her racy magazine shoots and high profile private affairs. In fact, she is the only woman to be linked to a sexual affair with Marilyn Monroe. Monroe watched her strip shows many times, and met the star to learn her moves which she incorporated into some of her films. Monroe and Lili were friends for years off and on until Monroe died in 1962. Lili was married a total of 6 times, all of which were highly publicized marriages, but bore no children. She was also involved in numerous brawls, yes brawls, in her career, with men and women, and had a couple suicide attempts that made headlines. She would eventually start up a Fredericks of Hollywood like business, and then retreated to seclusion before passing away in 1999.
Anton Yelchin and Walter Koenig hanging out at a Star Trek event in 2012. The 2 actors both played the same character Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, and during events, all of the living members of the old cast met the new cast that same year. Sadly, Yelchin died in 2016 in a freak accident when his parked vehicle had a faulty component, disengaged from park, rolled back and crushed him against a brick pillar and fence. Koenig said he only met Yelchin this once for about 2 hours, but thought very highly of him and had nothing but praise for the young actor before and after his death. Yelchin was born in Russia, but came to the US as a baby. His parents were both figure skaters and are still active in that field. Koenig has been married to his wife Judy Levitt since 1965. The happy couple had 2 children. Unfortunately, Koenig has had shocking heartbreak before when in 2010 his son committed suicide. His other child, Danielle Koenig, works some behind the scenes writing and crew work in Hollywood and even did a lot of work on the underrated TV show Invader Zim.
Jim Carrey as a pallbearer for his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White's funeral in 2015. Both White's boyfriend at the time of her death and her mother have filed lawsuits against Carrey, claiming his celebrity status helped him have access to certain drugs which he gave Cathriona White, and which ultimately caused her death. The suits are incredible. One of the suits claims that Carrey is STD positive, and knowingly had unprotected sex with Cathriona White and completely ignored the dangers and concealed his STDs from her, thus passing along Hepatitis A, HSV (Herpes) I and II, and Chlamydia to her. It is extremely likely at this point that the lawsuits will go to trial in the coming months, and even more things will come out. Carrey has mostly recused himself from films and the public as he has been taking the tragedy personally, and now handling the lawsuits filed since.
23 Year old Jerry Lee Lewis out with his 14 year old wife Myra Brown in 1958. Brown was also his second cousin. He secretly married her the year before when she was just 13. He kept it hidden from family and the public as he was blowing up as a huge music star. Once it came out in 1958, his career suffered greatly. In fact, before it came out many thought he could be bigger than Elvis, but instead, he was ostracized by the press at every turn, justifiably ruining his career. it took 10 years before he had a career again, this time as a country music singer in 1968. During those tough times, he and Myra had 2 children, but their first son drowned at 3 years old. They would divorce in 1970, believed to be because of the heavy stress the press put on their relationship when he became a star again, and again I say, justifiably so. He has been married a total of 7 times, and has 7 children.
Robert Downey Jr being transported to a hearing while incarcerated in 2000. He was unexpected released after just a year in jail, but was unable to stay away from his drug habits. In 2001, he had another arrest, was fired from Alley McBeal, lost out on starring in 2 films and a Mel Gibson broadway rendition of Hamlet (which was shut down altogether after his arrest). He was forced into a long term drug rehab program which avoided jail, but also in which finally turned him around and by 2003 he bounced back. He has kept off his old habits and today is one of the biggest and most liked stars in Hollywood.
Angelique Pettyjohn poses for a picture at a Star Trek convention in the 1980s. Her most remembered role was in 1 episode of Star Trek in 1968 where she played Shahna, a women who was there to please the forced Enterprise crew who had to fight as gladiators on an Alien planet. This is one of the most popular Star Trek episodes, and the scene where she kissed Captain Kirk before being knocked out is immortal. I am sure most of you have seen the gif. What's also interesting is after her Hollywood career completely stalled by 1980, she ended up performing in hardcore porn films. She also headlines shows in Las Vegas as an exotic dancer which she embraced even as the Star Trek fame from conventions and the show Star Trek: The Next Generation began. Her last convention was in 1989, and sadly, she died of cancer in 1992.
Marlene Dietrich passionately kisses a soldier returning from war in 1945. Dietrich was born in Germany and started in the German cabaret in the 1920s. She became a US citizen and toured extensively for the American war effort against her native Germany throughout Europe in 1945. She was known for romancing her costars, apparently in relationships with numerous of them throughout her career. She also was a rare talent to start in silent film, move past them, and even after acting continue a successful singing career. She disappeared from the public life altogether in 1963, eventually living the last 12 years of her life basically in seclusion, reportedly always in bed. She died in 1992. She was married to Rudolf Sieber in 1924 and stayed so her whole life, but only spent 5 years actually with him. She had 1 child.
Justin Timberlake watching golf with his son in 2016. Timberlake is an avid golfer and watches the big tournaments often. He started out of course in the boy band NSYNC before carving out his own very successful music and acting career. He has been married to Jessica Biel since 2012, and the pair have the 1 child.
Marilyn Monroe with her boyfriend and future husband Joe DiMaggio in a hotel room in 1953. The pair were only married 1 year, but that had a lasting impression on DiMaggio, who never married again and was rumored to love Marilyn like no other the rest of his life. Rumors had it these 2 were talking about getting back together when Marilyn overdosed on sleeping pills and died in 1962.
Gary Oldman with his girlfriend Uma Thurman in 1990. He married the 20 year old actress later that year (he was 32), but they divorced just 2 years later. Oldman has been married and divorced 4 times, including leaving his first wife a few months after she gave birth. If you ever thought Leonardo DiCaprio got screwed by the Oscars, remember this. Gary Oldman, in his amazing and brilliant career, has not only never won an Oscar, but he has only been nominated once. I believe he truly hates "Everyone" at the Academy...
Jessica Simpson going out to dinner in 2017. Simpson now has 2 kids and does a lot of work behind the scenes in the music and fashion industry. Once one of the biggest singers around, her singing career has drastically slowed down, which she welcomes as she has started a family and has time for them. She has been married to NFL player Eric Johnson since 2014. He is the man behind her.
Jenna Malone, Thora Birch, Erika Christensen and Scarlett Johansson pose for a magazine shoot in 2001. The article showcased the young up and coming actresses and how they had started to make names for themselves. All 4 have had quite successful careers with Birch getting a golden globe nomination and Scarlett Johansson becoming the highest paid actress for a time. Interesting notes for each, Jena Malone sued and was awarded damages from her own mother for mismanaging her earnings as a child actress in 1999. Both of Thora Birch's parents were pornstars, meeting on the infamous film Deep Throat (1972), and encouraged her topless scene in American Beauty despite her being only 17 at the time. Erika Christensen is also a singer and a member of the church of scientology. Scarlett Johansson has 4 siblings including a twin brother. Another fun fact is her reoccurring and most popular role as Black Widow was given to her only after Emily Blunt dropped out due to other commitments.
Richard Pryor and Jennifer Lee Pryor attending the Original Kings of Comedy premier in LA in 2000. Considered by many as one of the best stand up comics of all time, it was unfortunate that Multiple Sclerosis limited his mobility starting in the late 1980s, and he would move around in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Pryor was married 7 times, twice to Flynn Belaine and twice also to Jennifer Lee Pryor. In fact, he divorce Jennifer after just 2 years in 1982, only to marry her again in 2001. She stayed with him until his death in 2005. Pryor has 4 children.
Lt. Gen. Valin, Chief of Staff, French Air Force, awards the Croix De Guerre with Palm to Col. Jimmy Stewart for exceptional services in the liberation of France. Stewart had great success in film after the war. So much so, people forget about his war record, which was as a B-24 Bomber Pilot in WWII. Joining the war effort before any other celebrity, he left Hollywood when he was drafted in 1940, a full year before Pearl Harbor was bombed, but embraced it as he already knew how to fly and wanted to help out. He always volunteered to lead his men in the bombing raids, including extremely dangerous ones in France and Germany that resulted in heavy casualties. He was so well liked and such a good soldier, he was promoted all the way to Colonel before finishing his active military career in 1945, staying in the reserves after the war. In fact, he rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve and is the highest ranking celebrity with military service of all time. Once he returned to film, he became a huge star after being featured in It's a Wonderful Life in 1946. He was married once, to Gloria Stewart from 1949 until her death in 1994, and the pair had 2 children.
Leonardo DiCaprio has a meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2016. DiCaprio made the trip to Moscow to meet the Russian president to discuss ways to help preserve the endangered Siberian Tiger. Apparently the 2 never once spoke politics, and DiCaprio has met numerous world leaders in his efforts to save endangered animals.
Michael Jackson in an ambulance on his way to the hospital to treat second degree burns he received when pyrotechnics lit his hair on fire during a Pepsi commercial in 1984. Pepsi settled out of court, and Jackson ended up donating the entire $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California. Jackson had been the biggest music star all throughout the 1980s, with some of the biggest hits in history. He has been married twice (3 children from artificial insemination), swarmed with allegations, trials, and settlements stemming from sexual abuse of children (which is rumored to have included McCauley Culkin), and had heavy drug problems later in life. In fact, his drug problems caused his untimely death in 2009.
Gene Hackman with Lincoln Townley, who would take his portrait for his art exhibit, in 2017. Hackman has literally vanished from films and the public since retiring in 2004. He did a book signing, showed up for a couple Florida Gators football practices and games, and hasn't done really anything else in public in the last 13 years. He was married to Fay Maltese for 30 years until 1986. The 2 had 3 children. He is now married to Betsy Arakawa, who was a gym instructor at the gym Hackman attended in the 1980s. He had an affair with her which ended his first marriage. He then married Arakawa in 1991. She is 31 years younger than he is. The 87 year old has won 2 Oscars in his long and successful film career.
Mel Gibson with his wife Robyn and their 7 children in 2005 (one is taking the picture). He would have a tough time in the coming years, getting arrested for drunk driving in 2006, dealing with the aftermath of both him and his father having anti-Semitic rants, divorcing his wife after he had an affair in 2011 (and impregnating his girlfriend in the process), being caught threatening that same girlfriend and mother of his 8th child, before finally seemingly getting it all back together recently with the success of Hacksaw Ridge last year. He has a 9th child on the way with his current girlfriend. Interesting note, Gibson was raised in Australia and came from their film industry, but he was actually born in New York, US. His family moved to Australia when he was 12.
23 Year old Mickey Rooney, 11 year old Elizabeth Taylor, and 6 year old Jackie Jenkins pose for a publicity picture for their film National Velvet in 1943. The film would release the following year. Rooney, possibly the biggest child star of all time, had a long career that spanned 87 years. He was married 8 times, most notably to Ava Gardner for a year, and has 9 children. His last wife, who he married in 1978, stayed with him until his death in 2014. Not to be outdone, and eventually becoming one of the biggest sex symbols in Hollywood, people forget Taylor also began as a child star, appearing in 12 films before turning 18. People also forget she was actually born in England (to American parents though), and was also married 8 times with 4 children. She passed away in 2011. Jenkins did not have much of a career, which ended 4 years after National Velvet.
Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis pose for a picture to promote Ghostbusters 2 in 1989. The film wasn't nearly as popular as the first, and a 3rd proposed film was dropped. Ramis and Murray would end up having a falling out in the early to mid 1990s, and after that Murray refused to be a part of any projects with Ramis, including the idea of the 3rd Ghostbusters that Hollywood and the fans wanted and was thrown around all the way up until Ramis's death in 2014.
Lionel Richie with his adopted daughter Nicole Richie in 2016. Lionel built a net worth over $200 million from his time in the Commodores as well as other singing, writing, and acting ventures. He has been married twice and has 3 children, with Nicole being the only one well known. Nicoles parents knew Lionel, and could not afford to support her, giving her up to him when she was 3. Nicole grew up rich, but after drug and alcohol problems in her youth, has settled down, and has done well as a fashion designer and actress. She has been married to Joel Madden of Good Charlotte since 2010, and has 2 children.
Olivia de Havilland and her sister Joan Fontaine pose for pictures for a magazine in the mid 1940s. The 2 were Hollywood's biggest sibling rivalry, as the 2 were top tier actresses. Interesting note, well before WWII, the pair were born in Tokyo, Japan on a foreign settlement (Olivia in 1916, Joan in 1917), and grew up rivals. When they got into acting, both eventually took home academy awards, with Joan getting hers first, something she used as bragging rights before Olivia 1 upped her by winning 2 total. In fact, when Joan won her academy award, she beat her sister in the same category in 1941. This event led them to a major falling out that was never reconciled. The papers loved the feud, and ran with it often. The sisters did a few pictures together, but apparently truly hated each other, which fed the publics interest for 2 decades. Olivia has been married twice and has 2 children. She retired in 1988, rarely seen in public since. Joan has been married 4 times, with 1 child. She retired in 1994, and passed away in 2013.
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