Cruel bullies call 12-year-old boy born with half a face a 'Halloween monster' before running away (5 Pics)

A mother has revealed how her twin son has had to endure bullies calling him a "Halloween monster" and "freak" before running away after he was born with only half a face.
Charlene Beswick's son Harry suffers from a rare condition known as Goldenhar syndrome which means he had no eye, ear, nostril and underdeveloped jaw on one side.
Harry, who also suffers from autism and is non-verbal, has been under the care of medical experts at Alder Hey Children's Hospital for the past ten years.
He has a prosthetic ear and fake eye and is due to undergo further operations to reposition his eye and possibly construct a nasal passage.
But Harry, who lives with twin brother Oliver and his family in Stoke-on-Trent, has had to endure name calling from bullies as he grows up including cruel taunts online whenever his mum posts a picture.
Charlene, who works as a supply teacher, previously hit out after a picture of her and Harry was removed from Instagram .
She told the Liverpool Echo “When he was a baby, children would cry and run away from him.
“They would point and follow him around. He has been called a freak, a Halloween monster, ugly boy - he has been called a lot of names like that.
“I am quite active on social media as well and we have had vile comments, one said he was an abomination of God.
“But, because of his autism, he is largely unaware of these things, but it is hard for Oliver.

“Oliver wants to protect him and it is really difficult for him at times. I deal with a lot of abuse on Harry’s behalf.”
Charlene said her pregnancy was "brilliant" but was stunned to find out when she went into labour at 32 weeks that Harry would have a facial disfigurement.
She added: “When I first heard of his condition, I was stunned and in complete disbelief. I didn’t think they had got it right.
“Then I just felt guilt and thought: ‘What have I done to him? Was it something I ate?’. I exhausted myself thinking what I had done.
“Then I grieved and some parents won’t agree with that - but parents who have a child with special needs totally get it.
“I grieved for the life he would never have. When you become a parent, you think about them having a girlfriend or boyfriend and wonder whether they will travel or what they will become and having those things taken away, I just felt really helpless.”
It was a week before Charlene got to meet Harry after he was immediately taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and the experience caused her to suffer from post-natal depression.
But she said that even if she had known that Harry would suffer from the rare condition she would not have terminated her pregnancy.
“I was obviously very under-prepared but I had a brilliant pregnancy and I think, if I had known, I would have just been so worried throughout.
“We look at scans now and Oliver’s profile is very defined but Harry’s is just one big mass. We just thought he had his head turned away.”
She added: “I do remember just looking at him and seeing my failure. I was just numb.
“I look back now and just wish I had been able to see him for what he was - which was a very gorgeous baby boy.
“He had a big blue eye that was so twinkly and a gorgeous smile.”
Although he faces challenges, Charlene, 38, said Harry is a "loving" and "amazing" boy.
She continued: “He is just such a loving, amazing boy. He has just got this way about him that people just love him, he is just incredible.”
Charlene, who now encourages people to ask questions about Harry’s condition, has also just published a book called: ‘Our Altered Life’.
She said: “It has taken me about 10 years to publish this book because I would start and then stop writing it.
“And I just hope it helps other parents with that.”
Our Altered Life is available to on Amazon and to follow Charlene's blog visit Our Altered Life.
Cruel bullies call 12-year-old boy born with half a face a 'Halloween monster' before running away (5 Pics) Cruel bullies call 12-year-old boy born with half a face a 'Halloween monster' before running away (5 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on October 22, 2017 Rating: 5

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