Media reverts to full gaslighting about Biden’s cognitive decline

 After Joe Biden failed the 2024 CNN Presidential debate on the most basic cognitive level, his closest allies and donors finally began to show disappointment in their “champion of democracy.” That disappointment has spread among Democrat voters, with a third of the voting bloc now suggesting that Biden be replaced with a younger, more competent nominee.

But the dumbfounded Biden has already been pre-selected by the Democratic Party elites, who forfeited the primary voting process to crown the idiot as the nominee. The delegates for the Democratic Party are now required to cast their vote for Biden at the Democratic National Convention – unless Biden himself bows out of the race.

But Biden is not doing what's best for the country and is solely focused on beating Donald Trump. Instead of reporting the truth, the Associated Press (AP) is gaslighting the public, covering up Biden's ailing mental and physical state, while putting the country at risk.

Democratic Party imploding, haunted by years of lies and media coverups

Despite four years of poor decisions at home and abroad, and with mounting pressure to step down, Joe Biden believes that he is still the candidate that can beat Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. He has so far refused to get out of the race, despite some of his biggest donors showing discontent. Because Biden won’t get out, the corporate media is now gaslighting the public about Biden’s capabilities, reassuring us all that we are in good hands.

The latest headline from the AP claims - Biden at 81: Sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful. The Associated Press (AP) is now doing damage control for Joe Bid 

This gaslighting campaign comes after the White House Press Secretary claimed that Biden “had a bad night” at the CNN debate. It also comes after the White House claimed that Biden was struggling with a “cold” and had recently exhausted himself by traveling out of country (12 days prior). The excuses don’t bode well for a U.S. President whose visual display of weakness has devolved into excuses and complaining – weaknesses that the voters cannot simply forget. Not even the smoothest talking Democratic governors can convince the public that Biden is capable and all there.

Corporate media has lied on virtually every issue to prop up the Democrats

Years of delusion about Biden’s failing mental state have culminated into utter panic among Democratic circles, as they look for ways to make Biden seem intelligent so they can keep control over the narratives. But with Biden refusing to concede the nomination, the corporate media has no choice but to gaslight the American public that Biden is in great health even though “he may appear confused at times.”

This media gaslighting has been relentless on virtually every issue that benefits Democrats.

For example, the headline “Sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful” is reminiscent of the “fiery but mostly peaceful” headline that was blasted by CNN in 2020, as Black Lives Matter protestors violently tore through cities, attacked police and pillaged businesses.

The gaslighting is also reminiscent of the “stay home, stay safe” propaganda, the “masks save lives” nonsense and the 2021 “pandemic of the unvaccinated” headlines that sought to coerce more people to take the very things that were making people sicker and sending more people to the hospital.

The gaslighting is also reminiscent of the “2020 election was safe and secure” propaganda that was legally refuted by state legislatures and whistleblowers across the U.S. The American people have been lied to on every level to prop up a phony president, but the dam’s about to break. There’s no stopping reality from taking hold. Biden's dementia can no longer be hidden, and the failure of Democrat policies is hurting everyone.

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