Globalist attacks on farmers and food supply – not climate change – will incite FOOD WARS

 The attacks on farmers and the food supply by globalists will be the main reason for food wars, not "climate change" or "global warming" as claimed by the powers that be.

Rhoda Wilson of the Daily Expose reiterated this in a June 27 piece, noting that the "war on farmers" – which causes food shortages, food insecurity and economic instability – is the one to blame. She wrote: "This is the hypocrisy of the climate crisis agenda, and it is is a self-fulfilling prophecy."

"Waging a war on farmers to 'fight climate change' and then blaming 'climate change' for food wars is a never-ending cycle of problem-reaction-solution," continued Wilson. "It is the Hegelian dialectic – manipulating public opinion and controlling society by creating a problem, eliciting a reaction and then offering a pre-determined solution … that only benefits self-styled elites and their agendas."

Wilson's response came as a reaction to a speech delivered by Sunny Verghese, CEO of Olam Agri, during the June 20 Redburn Atlantic and Rothschild consumer conference. According to him, trade barriers imposed by countries are exacerbating inflation and pushing countries into conflict over waning food supplies. Verghese also argued that "climate change" is affecting global food production, leading to shortages and price increases, which can spark conflicts over resources. 

But in reality, restrictions and policies imposed on farmers by governments, corporations and environmental groups, threaten farmers’ livelihoods, national food security and the global food supply. 

An example is the Dutch government, which has imposed strict regulations on farming practices, including reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizers, which has led to protests and concerns about food security. The U.S.'s Renewable Fuel Standard led to increased costs for farmers and reduced crop yields, making it difficult for them to compete with large corporations.

Moreover, livestock farmers in Denmark were warned that the farts and burps from their cows, sheep and pigs will be measured and taxed from 2030.  Other policies for climate change that are destroying farming include the installation of "green" energy sources on prime agricultural farmland.

Communist China moves to take over world's food supply

But amid ongoing global conflicts, China is moving to dominate the world’s food supply. Two experts warn of a brewing battle between Washington and Beijing over control of the world's food supply.

"Food is power. We need to remember that, and this is very dangerous for the United States," warned Kip Tom, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for Food and Agriculture. He explained that China is determined to seize control of the African continent, adding: "It's not about the mining and the critical minerals – it's about agricultural productivity."

"The reality is the Chinese Communist Party goes in through every country in Africa investing in infrastructure and other projects and capturing the country's natural resources. But their ultimate goal is to have Africa be the breadbasket for the country of China to feed their 1.4 billion people."

Tom also suggested that Beijing recognizing the continent's potential for become a bread basket led to an August visit by Chinese diplomats with Nigerian officials. This was followed by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping's trip to South Africa for the BRICS Conference.

Gordon Chang, China analyst for the Gatestone Institute, concurred with the sentiment. He expressed belief that China has a food problem, which Beijing is seeking to address by lessening its reliance on U.S.-grown food. Thus, China has turned to Brazil – making Brasilia the top exporter of agricultural products to China and providing 20 percent of Beijing's food supply.

"China is trying to dominate food because it wants to rule the world," Chang further explained. "And so, we've got to understand the context of what is occurring and the significance of what is occurring. And we Americans have not been good at doing that.

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