Democrat Adam Schiff: If Trump Took A Cognitive Test It Would Show ‘Serious Illness Of One Kind Or Another’

 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) deflected from concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental ability to continue serving as president by saying that if former President Donald Trump took a cognitive test that it would show he has some sort of “serious illness”

Schiff made the remarks during a Sunday interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” with Kristen Welker when asked if Biden should remain at the top of the ticket following his disastrous debate performance a week and a half ago.

“Well, ultimately, this is a decision President Biden is going to have to make and President Biden alone,” he said. “But I would say this. He has been an extraordinary president. He has created millions and millions of jobs. He has expanded and strengthened our NATO alliances. He has brought back manufacturing in this country. He has brought about the most aggressive attack on climate change. He has done more in one term than most presidents ever do, no matter how many terms they get.”

“And he’s running against someone who’s a pathological liar, someone who ran the country into the ground by his mishandling of a deadly pandemic, someone who is a pathological – not only a pathological liar, but is immoral, indecent, and unfit for office,” he continued. “But the performance on the debate stage, I think, rightfully raised questions among the American people about whether the president has the vigor to defeat Donald Trump. And this is an existential race. Given Joe Biden’s incredible record, given Donald Trump’s terrible record, he should be mopping the floor with Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s running against a criminal. It should not be even close. And there’s only one reason it is close, and that’s the president’s age. And what I would say, Kristen, what I would advise the president, is seek out the opinions of people you trust. He’s obviously talked to his family about this. And that’s important. But he should seek out people with some distance and objectivity. He should seek out pollsters who are not his own pollsters. He should take a moment to make the best informed judgment. And if the judgment is run, then run hard and beat that S.O.B.”

When asked if Biden should take a cognitive test, Schiff said: “I’d be happy if both the president and Donald Trump took cognitive tests.”

“I think they both should be willing to take a test,” he said. “I think, frankly, a test would show Donald Trump has serious illness of one kind or another. But, ultimately, the decision is going to come down to what Joe Biden thinks is best. And if his decision is to run, then run hard and beat that S.O.B. And if his decision is to pass the torch, then the president should do everything in his power to make that other candidate successful.”


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