Republicans Hammer Biden After ISIS-Affiliated Smuggling Network Brings Hundreds Of Illegals Into U.S.

 Republican lawmakers slammed President Joe Biden this week after an explosive report revealed that an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network has brought more than 400 illegal aliens into the U.S.

Approximately 150 of the illegal aliens have been arrested, but the whereabouts of more than 50 are unknown as federal law enforcement officials seek to hunt them down and arrest them. The report said that the remaining illegal aliens are spread out over 17 states and that they will likely be arrested soon.

The illegal aliens were smuggled in by the ISIS smuggling network through the southern border where officials, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, have warned that Biden’s open border policies are being exploited by terrorists.

Illegal aliens originating from countries were ISIS operates will rarely ever have information in any kind of database that connects them to terrorism because the countries are usually third world with little-to-no infrastructure to track terrorist suspects. Also, even if the countries had the information, many of them would likely not want to share it with the United States because they view the U.S. as an enemy state.

Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) contrasted the difference between Biden and former President Donald Trump in a statement responding to the story.

“While President Trump destroyed ISIS and its leader, Joe Biden opened the door at the border and let hundreds of ISIS-connected illegal aliens into our nation,” he said. “No one should be surprised that the most incompetent administration in American history allowed terrorists into our communities and endangered our national security. The United States desperately needs a return to peace through strength, a secure border, and President Trump in office.”

House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) said: “In President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas’ America, border security and immigration enforcement have become a punchline.”

“There’s literally no one President Biden won’t turn away—including illegal aliens from problematic countries smuggled in by networks connected to ISIS,” he continued. “Every alarm is flashing red, and my committee has long warned that this administration’s open-borders agenda is bringing bad actors into the homeland in droves. DHS has now admitted yet again that this is true. This is unacceptable, preventable, and absolutely terrifying.”


House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) said: “The Biden administration is so concerned with the optics of detaining individuals who willingly broke U.S. law that it has dismantled our vetting system, releasing violent criminals and terrorist suspects into our communities.”

“Now 50 individuals with ties to ISIS are roaming free in our country, and we have no idea where they are or what they are planning,” McCaul added. “To put it simply, President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have turned our nation into a ticking time bomb. We need new leadership in the White House before another disaster strikes.”

House Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) called Biden’s presidency “our gravest national security threat,” adding that it only “took 19 terrorists to commit 9/11.”

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