Jews Beaten By Pro-Hamas Extremists Outside Synagogue In Los Angeles

 The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom faced backlash on Sunday as mobs of pro-Hamas extremists attacked Jews outside of a synagogue in Los Angeles.

The pro-Hamas extremists gathered in front of the Adas Torah synagogue on Sunday morning to block entrance into the buildings and to disrupt a planned peaceful rally of pro-Israel protesters.

Despite the violence that was inflicted on the pro-Israel protesters, only one person was arrested for allegedly carrying a “spiked flag,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

Rabbi Hertzel Illulian blasted local officials in the Democrat-run state for having a double standard about how Jews can be treated.

“Doesn’t belong here,” he said. “I don’t think the Jewish would go in front of a mosque or the Christian people would go in front of a mosque to do such a thing, nobody would accept this, but here, when it comes to Jews and Israel everything is kosher, everything is okay.”

Political consultant Noah Pollak, who attended the event, posted on X: “I was there today for an event at the shul. @LAPDHQ let the Hamas supporters take over the sidewalk in front of the shul and block its entrance.”

“In fact, LAPD had formed a cordon around the front of the shul to keep Jews out and Hamas supporters in,” he continued. “I tried to enter with my kids through the front door and was turned away not by Hamas supporters but by the LAPD. Anyone who wanted to attend had to use a secret back entrance. @KarenBassLA and @LAPDHQ are an absolute disgrace — it’s clear the police have been instructed to help the Democratic Party street animals do their thuggery. They were definitely not there to protect the right of Jews to enter their shul.”

The United Jewish Coalition issued a statement following the incident: “The Jews of Los Angeles are no longer safe. The events of June 23rd brought to life the darkest nightmare many of us hoped we would never witness on American soil.”

Newsom faced widespread calls to do something or at least issue a statement in response to the attacks, but he didn’t get around to doing it until right before midnight.


“The violent clashes outside the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles are appalling,” Newsom’s office said in a statement posted to his government X account — not his personal account, which is significantly larger. “There is no excuse for targeting a house of worship. Such antisemitic hatred has no place in California.”

The following are some of the scenes that unfolded in Los Angeles:

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