French official admits censorship is needed for government to control public opinion

 In a recent interview with Defense News, French Army General Pierre Schill revealed that censorship is needed in the age of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to keep the powers that be safely nestled away from public scrutiny.

The ongoing conflict in eastern Europe has "changed the dynamics of combat" such that more extensive use of drones and military adaptation of civilian technologies is absolutely vital "to influence both national and international public opinion," Schill said.

"The army plays a crucial role in the information domain," Schill added. "Without the capacity to convince and to counter adverse influence, any military engagement can fail. The emergence of social networks has reinforced this notion and has significantly accelerated the dissemination of information, whether true or false, while increasing its volume, reach and resonance."

Schill's commentary about the merits of silencing free speech came ahead of Eurosatory 2024, a major defense and security conference in Paris.


Relentless media propaganda failing to convince public to support Ukraine

The globalists apparently thought they had the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the bag. They never could have anticipated in their narrow, ivory towered perspective that no amount of media and government propaganda will ever successfully convince the majority that endlessly sending weapons and cash to Ukraine is in their best interests. 

Despite relentless propaganda day in and day out about how we need to send all of our resources to Volodymyr Zelensky and his friends, including Joe "the big guy" Biden, most Americans, around 70 percent, want the war and welfare to stop.

Former U.S. diplomats Michael Gfoeller and David Rundell wrote an op-ed for Newsweek last year that highlighted how the "propaganda machine" has massively "overplayed its hand" in the handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Schill is one of the shills, as his name implies, pushing for endless welfare to support the war machine in Ukraine. He believes that all of the most advanced technologies are necessary to ensure a Zelensky win – this includes long-range drone surveillance, electronic warfare and weapons with heavy lethality.

Schill also believes that Western militaries need to do a better job of protecting high-value targets like command posts, especially in an era of technological advancements that make them easier to detect.

Just four days after the Russia-Ukraine conflict began in February 2022, France deployed more than 500 troops to NATO's eastern flank in Romania. This location serves as the bloc's "spearhead" battalion, and it now houses more than 1,000 soldiers as well as an air defense detachment and a forward command element.

"These successive deployments show the reactivity and preparedness of our troops," Schill said. "The difficulties in the administrative, customs, interoperability and training domains have been overcome. We're drawing the lessons with our European partners."

Eurosatory, by the way, is Europe's largest defense show. This year's presentation is said to take "the full measure" of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

"Only demons and dirtbags look to control public opinion," wrote a commenter at RT about Schill's worldview. "Good-natured people or forces simply tell the truth or present facts. They don't care whether you like it or not for they know they are fighting for a just cause."

Another noted that all this talk about protecting "democracy" in Ukraine is a crock since its true purpose is really about "capitalism and helping the rich get even richer."

"And everyone knows it," this person added.

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