DeSantis Slams Anti-Semitic Leftists: ‘People Should Learn Their History’

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed anti-Semitic leftists during a press conference this week, saying that they needed to learn their Middle East history.

DeSantis’ remarks come after activists protested on college campuses late last month and earlier this month, setting up illegal encampments and harassing and assaulting Jews and law enforcement officials.

“They’re saying things like ‘from the river to the sea,’ you know, that’s not some cheeky chant,” DeSantis said. “They’re basically saying they want to see the destruction of the State of Israel and a second Holocaust. That’s what Hamas wants. That’s why Hamas baked babies and ovens. That’s why they were raping the mothers. That’s why they were beheading elderly people on October 7.”

The governor noted that the activists never protested Hamas after its October 7 terrorist attack, saying that they were “very quiet” then.

“I’d also say people should learn their history,” he said. “The fact of the matter is, there’s never been a country or state called Palestine. Jews have the longest connection to that territory, it goes back to Biblical times thousands and thousands of years.”

“They were displaced by hostile forces over the years, but just in the immediate history until World War I, that was hundreds of years of rule by the Ottoman Empire, by Turks, that was not a Palestinian state,” he continued. “And then the Brits took it over after World War I, they had the Mandate for Palestine. And the vision was to have a Jewish state and an Arab state. And then the UN, after World War II, adopted Jewish state, Arab state. Jews accepted it, founded a modern Israel; the Arabs rejected it and went to war against Israel, a war that they lost last.”



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