NY Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to spend another $2.4B on benefits for illegal immigrants

 New York's Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul wants to use more taxpayer money for illegal immigrants in the state, particularly in New York City (NYC). She recently proposed another $2.4 billion for illegal immigrants after spending $1.9 billion on "migrant care" last year.

Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams had previously agreed to allocate $1.1 billion for illegals that have made their way to the city, but the costs have now doubled.

According to reports, the money is expected to go toward National Guard deployment, short-term shelter services and relief centers at state-funded housing sites that include Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Randall’s Island and Floyd Bennett Field. ( 

The state will also continue to provide "humanitarian aid" for NYC, which has seen an influx of more than 160,000 migrants in recent years. The migrant spending plan came as part of a $233 billion budget proposal from the governor’s office that will kick off months of negotiations with legislative leaders.

Hochul did not tackle the issue in her State of the State address this year, and the word "migrant" wasn't mentioned in her detailed 181-page policy plan book. Recently, she unveiled a plan to provide shelter services, legal assistance and more for asylum-seekers, and reiterated calls for the federal government to provide more assistance to the state.

"We're doing this not just because it's the right thing to do for the migrants and for the city of New York," Hochul said. "We also know that companies won’t do business in New York if there are thousands of people sleeping on the streets, or the quality of life is dramatically impacted because the city is forced to cut essential services." 

The issue has the potential to damage Democratic congressional candidates in New York this fall, with key suburban races in the state expected to heavily count toward which party controls the U.S. House. Republicans have been lobbing steady criticism at President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats over federal immigration policy, with the subject already touching races in New York.

"We have a Democratic administration in Washington that hasn't addressed the border crisis, has not secured the border," Assembly Republican Minority Leader Will Barclay told reporters. "I'm not thrilled to have to spend any money on the migrant crisis."

Hochul's plan would earmark $2.4 billion for short-term shelter services and health care and pay for larger-scale emergency housing centers that have been set up to deal with the influx of asylum seekers. It would also be used to pay for legal assistance to help migrants through the asylum and work-permitting process.

The governor told reporters she will head to Washington to meet with the Biden administration to discuss the migrant influx. "Until we see a change in federal policy that slows the flow of new arrivals, we're going to be swimming against the tide," Hochul said.

NYC hands out prepaid debit cards to illegals

This development comes as NYC hands out prepaid debit cards to illegals loaded with up to $1,400 per month in a pilot program that is costing city taxpayers $53 million.

The New York Post reported that New Jersey company, Mobility Capital Finance, handed out eight preloaded Mastercards at the Roosevelt Hotel where migrants are being housed as part of the pilot program.

Adams' office claims that the program will save over half a million dollars per month.

"This cost-saving measure will replace the city’s current system of providing non-perishable food boxes to migrant families staying in hotels, much of which is often discarded," Adams spokesperson Kayla Mamalek said.

According to some sources, illegal immigrants currently being housed in hotels are being handed a whole host of freebies, including non-essential items like iPads, and services such as laundry and dry cleaning, room service, babysitters and even life coaching.

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