Kamala Harris Says She Will Never Tone Down Her ‘Big Laugh’

 Vice President Kamala Harris talked about her “big laugh” — which she said she knows people “love to talk about” — and made it clear that she has no plans of toning it down.

In the segment that aired Monday on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the host asked Harris about what it’s like to be the first woman in her office, and the VP suggested that her cackle, among other things, was something people still were getting used to. 

The VP has made headlines for her laughter — which often punctuates her remarks on otherwise serious things like the southern border crisisand Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan pullout.

“I mean, my staff, for example, sometimes they’ll show me little things that just amuse me. Like, apparently, some people love to talk about the way I laugh,” Harris said.

“I have my mother’s laugh and I grew up around a bunch of women in particular who laughed from the belly. They laughed — they would sit around the kitchen and drinking their coffee, telling big stories with big laughs,” she added, noting that she’s “never” going to have a shy little chuckle.

“I’m just not that person, and I think it’s really important for us to remind each other and our younger ones: don’t be confined to other people’s perception about what this looks like, how you should act in order to be,” Harris continued. “Right? It’s really important.”

Harris’ laughter has been discussed before and throughout President Joe Biden’s presidency. The Washington Free Beacon even compiled a video of Harris and her tendency to just start laughing during interviews and speeches. 

In a Daily Mail article, a clip shows some of the other times Harris has started laughing big and loud. A recent CNN poll showed that some voters in a focus group — put together by the Democratic National Committee — are concerned about her guffaws at serious moments, noting it was a reason for criticism. 

Several people said Harris rubs them the wrong way,” the outlet reported. “A few specifically cited her laugh …”

During a recent interview for the “I’ve Had It” podcastHarris talked about the 2024 election and said she’s “totally had it with” former President Donald Trump.

“Had it over and over and over again,” the VP told the hosts. “There’s so much at stake in this election.” 

“It’s not a sign of weakness to have empathy,” she added.

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