Democrat Strategist Says What He Really Thinks Of Gen Z, And It’s Not Pretty

 The ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ lived up to his old nickname in a recent video, scolding and berating younger Americans and telling them all the horrible things he believed would happen if former President Donald Trump won another term in the White House.

James Carville, longtime Democrat strategist, raised eyebrows with his predictions and his outright attacks on the younger voters he was apparently trying to win over to his side.

“If they get ahold, there will be no government left, there will be no rights left, you will live under theocracy, you’ll end up with Christian Nationalism. But that’s alright you little f***ing 26-year-old, you don’t feel like the election’s ‘important to me, they’re not addressing the issues I care about.'”


Carville’s comments came on the heels of a devastating CNN poll that spelled trouble for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign — a poll in which well over half the respondents (61%) said that Biden’s presidency so far has been a failure and 55% viewed the Trump years as a success.

Carville, who worked alongside ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos during former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, said that he had been hearing complaints — particularly from younger voters — about the fact that Biden and Trump were getting up there in years.

“James, young voters are just not into this. It’s two candidates, one’s in their 80s, one is almost in their 80s, they’re concerned about things that Washington politicians, and you just can’t blame them for …” MSNBC’s Ari Melber commented before Carville erupted. “Oh, s***. F*** you!” he said, arguing that young Americans needed to suck it up and vote anyway.

“Are you watching what is happening in the Supreme Court?” the longtime Democrat strategist asked. “If you’re 26, do you see what they’re doing? First of all, they’re gonna take every right that you could possibly have away from you … Don’t teach anybody that the current Supreme Court has any moral or legal legitimacy. It doesn’t. It’s in there because of contrivements, and it’s in there because of weakness and cowardice.”

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