Thousands of Tumbleweeds Take Over Utah Town (VIDEO)


The town of South Jordan in Utah was plagued with thousands of tumbleweeds over the weekend.

South Jordan, a town located 15 miles from Salt Lake City, was covered with thousands of Tumbleweeds after a severe storm hit the town of 80,000 people.

Videos uploaded on X show houses and cars covered by the Tumbleweeds all across South Jordan.





Tumbleweeds conjure images of the Old West, rolling through desolate towns as twisted balls of dead foliage. But while a staple of Western films, they are an unusual sight in 21st-century Utah.

The town of South Jordan is experiencing tumblewoods, downed trees and wind damage as a severe winter storm howls through the area located about 15 miles north of Salt Lake City, KTVX reported.

The Eurasian species, also known as Russian thistle, is listed as a noxious weed in 46 states, according to Nature Collective. It was believed to have been accidentally introduced into South Dakota during the 1870s, according to the website.

This week in Utah, officials are attempting to get rid of the tumbleweeds, which are surrounding homes and clogging driveways, KTVX reported. Some town officials brought dumpsters to neighborhoods to collect amd remove the tumbleweeds.

Residents and officials are now launching a clean-up effort to get rid of the tumbleweeds.


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