Arrested University Of Florida Anesthesiology Student Admits To Viewing Child P*rn On Instagram.


Travis Bryant, 29, an anesthesiology resident at UF Health

The arrest of Travis Bryant, 29, occurred at the University of Florida Health, where he was a resident in anesthesiology.

After Google reported child sexual abuse material on Travis Bryant’s Google Drive account, he was arrested and charged with ten counts of possession of child pornography and one count of transmitting child pornography after an investigation revealed that he accessed the account from over 200 locations,

Alachua Chronicle reports,

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a tip on December 6, 2023, about 22 images and one video related to child sexual abuse material on a user’s account. The account was in the name of “Travis Bryant,” used Bryant’s date of birth, and was connected with a phone number that reportedly belongs to Bryant.

Google also provided 241 IP addresses that were used to log in to the account, with most resolving to either Cox Communications or the University of Florida.

A subpoena to Cox for one IP address produced an address for an apartment at Windmeadows Apartments. Another IP address was associated with Crunch Fitness, and a third was associated with Greenhouse Church. Eighteen of the IP addresses were associated with the wireless network at UF Health; UF reported that the network requires authentication, and they reported that Travis Bryant was the authenticated user associated with those logins.

UF also reported that two of the IP addresses were associated with UF Health-supported computers.

Two of the IP addresses were associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Orlando, and three were associated with an address in Tamarac, FL, where Bryant reportedly used to live.

A search warrant for Bryant’s Google account reportedly produced the content that had been reported in the CyberTip, along with 53 additional child sexual abuse images and/or videos. The arrest report notes that the Google Drive account also contained various documents related to Bryant’s personal and professional life, including bank account statements, a UF pay stub, pictures of Bryant, and a Letter of Offer for a residency at UF Health. The letter is addressed to “Dear Dr. Travis Bryant, MD” and is dated March 18, 2022.

The arrest report notes that a search of UF’s website showed that Bryant is a Third-Year Resident, but that information has now been removed. Additionally, a preview of an article about about Match Day 2022 previously included his name, but his name has been removed.

Bryant was reportedly asked why the police were at his apartment and said he had an idea. He admitted owning the Google account and knew it had been deactivated in early December. According to him, he did “stuff on Google services” and was reported by Google.

He declined to discuss his activities on Google but later admitted that he viewed and saved “abusive” material from Instagram. 

In response to a question regarding whether it involved the exploitation of pubescent males, he reportedly said it did and added that it also involved prepubescent males. Apparently, he described a video that was not part of the reported videos.

According to the arrest report, Bryant said he was a “normal person except for this one aspect of his life; the defendant stated that something was wrong with his brain.” He reportedly said he’s been viewing child sexual abuse material for years, starting before he was 18 years old; he said he knows it’s wrong, but he “struggles with it.” He reportedly said he last looked at child sexual abuse material on his laptop about two days ago.

When asked if he would provide the password to the laptop, he reportedly said he would not because it felt like he was “signing a death warrant.”

A search of the laptop reportedly produced over 150 child sexual abuse images and videos.

When is the government going to warn the public about Instagram?

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