Former CNN Hack Brian Stelter Claims They Never Labeled Hunter Biden Laptop as ‘Disinformation’


Former CNN host Brian Stelter is trying to rewrite history on the 2020 election and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

While appearing on a podcast this week, Stelter claimed that CNN never labeled the laptop story as disinformation and defended the way CNN and other news organizations treated the story.

This is a good reminder that CNN was right to fire Stelter and that he has no business being in the news business.

FOX News reported:

Brian Stelter defends 2020 media coverage of Hunter Biden laptop story: We never labeled it ‘disinformation’

Stelter conceded that if Twitter “screwed up” in censoring the laptop story, “we should go after Twitter.” But he offered a full-throated defense on how CNN and other media organizations handled the Biden scandal at the time.

“I think newsrooms just looked around and said, ‘We don’t have the laptop. We don’t have evidence. We don’t have evidence it’s real. And we know that there are reasons to wonder if it’s disinformation,'” Stelter said.

“A lot of the lies that happen now about what happened in 2020 go like this – they say, ‘All these a–h—s, they all called it a disinformation!’ That’s not true,” Stelter continued. “A lot of us just wondered, we said out loud, ‘could this be?’ We said things like ‘some former US officials think it might be,’ it was always cushioned – it was not always, it was often cushioned that way. And now in retrospect, two years later, three years later, people like partisans like to pretend that it was labeled disinformation, which it wasn’t. There was concern. There was reason to be concerned not because of the Hillary emails, but because of the Russian attempt in 2016.”

Krakauer pushed back, citing the infamous letter from former intel officials who claimed the Hunter Biden emails shared by the Post had the “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” something he stressed was “essentially” telling Americans that it was disinformation. He also called out the double standard the media had with its approach to the Russia investigation and how one anonymously-sourced story about the Mueller probe from The New York Times or The Washington Post would fuel “an entire news cycle” but not the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story.

The former “Reliable Sources” host attempted to separate the comparison, claiming there were “a lot of problems” regarding the various circumstances behind the New York Post’s reporting and the “Uncovered” author acknowledged there were some “red flags.”

What was left unmentioned in the exchange between Stelter and Krakauer was the fact that CNN’s top brass was caught spiking the laptop story in leaked recordings of the network’s editorial calls shortly after the New York Post first published its bombshell reporting.

Stelter is such a dishonest hack.

Stelter should never be allowed near a newsroom again.

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