Dr. Peter McCullough On What Is Really Happening When People “Die In Their Sleep”


Dr. Peter McCullough has sounded the alarm on mRNA vaccines from the beginning.

A noted cardiologist, medical journal editor and Senate witness, Dr. McCullough has been warning that mRNA vaccines have significant side effects, including myocarditis.

Most significantly, the vaccines have the potential to damage the heart.

Watch Dr. McCullough explain:



Dr. McCullough says people often don’t feel the damage — it can be that the first time people know there is something wrong is when people die in their sleep.

What exactly is happening when people die in their sleep?

The Epoch Times summarized Dr. McCullough’s answer this way:

Though it may seem counterintuitive, Dr. McCullough said that sudden deaths that happen during sleep are biochemically similar to the sudden deaths during or just after vigorous exercise.

The reason people die seemingly inexplicably in their sleep, Dr. McCullough explained, is sometimes because of a surge in catecholamines during the end of the sleep cycle. This natural biochemical change is the body’s signal to wake up.

Catecholamines are hormones that are made by the adrenal glands. They are released into the body in response to physical exertion or emotional stress. But they are also released during sleep, just before waking, as a signal to the body and the brain that it is time to get up.

These catecholamines can increase our heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, among other things.

In the body there are three catecholamines: dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. A surge in catecholamines, whether it happens during sleep or during exercise, can stress the heart and cause it to beat arrhythmically, Dr. McCullough said.

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