No scientific basis: American College of Pediatricians president says transgender “gender affirming care” is medical QUACKERY

  In a new interview with “Conversations That Matter,” a program from The New American‘s Alex Newman, American College of Pediatricians (AAP) President Dr. Quentin Van Meter blasted the transgender madness sweeping society, calling it pseudoscience, quackery, and lies.

The idea that a human being can switch genders simply has no basis in reality, he explained. Sure, someone can pretend to be the opposite sex, or even some other species. But it is all delusion.

Sadly for society, some are buying into this delusion by allowing and even pushing for children who are confused from all the propaganda out there into receiving “gender affirming care.” This term means that children’s genitals are removed or altered, or they are given hormone-altering pharmaceuticals.

So-called “transitioning” is the new in thing for children, especially those that live on social media platforms like TikTok. What these little ones fail to realize, however, is that they are destroying their lives by going trans – and parents and other adults who push it are causing irreparable harm. (Related: Even some homosexuals are outraged over the transgender push.)

You can watch the full segment with Newman and Van Meter at The New American.

Transgenderism isn’t science, it’s religion

A pediatric endocrinologist who completed a fellowship at the esteemed Johns Hopkins University, Van Meter says that the transgender craze is backed neither by sound science nor sound medicine. In essence, it is little more than a religion.


This is why we often refer to it as the Trans Cult: because it centers around the false belief that a person can become whatever he or she wants through surgery and drugging – and yes, there is only he or she and no other valid pronouns.

One of the claims of the Trans Cult is that allowing children to transition or even encouraging them to transition will help them to avoid feelings of suicide throughout their lives. According to Van Meter, this is a misnomer.

Going trans does not, he says, reduce the likelihood of a child with gender dysphoria committing suicide. In fact, later on down the road, many trans kids-turned-adults are so upset at their decision that they become more likely to end their own lives.

Van Meter believes that the forces pushing trans ideology and dogma on children are sinister to the core. He says these forces seek to tear families apart and destroy the social fabric of society.

In Europe, there is a growing realization among policymakers that the trans religion is dangerous. According to Van Meter, the United States is about 10 years behind Europe, and is still pushing transhumanism on children.

“LGBTIXP+ was never a ‘community,’ despite the asinine statements of the politicians, groomers, rapists, satanists, doctors, teachers, judges, psychos, CPS workers, police and other whack jobs in our societies,” wrote a Natural News commenter, skeptical of the sudden outcry against the trans movement from gays and lesbians.

“Allowing a handful of people to speak out now is controlled opposition. The alphabet people satisfy the globalists goal of normalising non-breeding lifestyles. Non-breeding now because ‘inclusion’. Non-breeding later because you have been sterilised. Hedonistic now because you can still feel. Empty later because the machine blocks feelings.”

“If you look around at what’s going on in the world today, something is very, VERY wrong,” wrote another. “The ship is sinking! World systems are being intentionally collapsed. Yet, many remain in denial, saying that everything is ‘fine.’ But, ‘normal’ is NOT coming back.”

“Jesus IS coming back,” this same person added, referring to faith in Jesus Christ as “the lifeboat for the Titanic this world has become.”


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