Biden regime now drawing down Pentagon weapon stocks for Ukraine, putting American forces at risk

  Joe Biden is draining American military supplies and weapons stocks so he can send them to Ukraine in what has become an American proxy war against Russia, and in doing so he is putting U.S. forces at risk.

As noted by Zero Hedge, the regime just announced another weapons package for Ukraine that is worth $600 million, bringing the total military aid paid for by taxpayers since the start of the war to $15.1 billion.

What makes this giveaway more serious is that the arms are being sent under the guise of presidential drawdown authority — ordered by a dementia president whose administration is being run by anti-American sycophants angry about our country’s massive success over the past century.

This authority permits the White House to draw weapons directly from the U.S. military’s war stockpiles. Worse, the regime confirmed that the latest drawdown is the 21st time Biden has used the authority since the war began.

In addition to draining our weapon stockpiles, Biden’s handlers are also draining our strategic oil reserves as well. That means not only will our troops be short of sophisticated weapons, but our war machine will lack the fuel to power itself.

This is worse than dangerous. It is outright treason and should be called out as such.

“Joe Biden authorized the latest assistance using his Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows the president to authorize the transfer of excess weapons from US stocks,” The Guardian reported, adding: “The White House said it was the 21st time that the US’s defense department has pulled weapons and other equipment off the shelves to deliver to Ukraine.”


At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has submitted another weapons “wish list” to Congress and U.S. arms makers themselves, which is essentially unprecedented, according to the site Responsible Statecraft:

That list, which Politico published yesterday, includes several long-range weapons that President Joe Biden has so far considered to be a red line, citing the risks of escalation to a wider war if Ukraine is able to strike deep inside Russian territory.

The congressional effort highlights Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s “somewhat unprecedented” approach to getting weapons from Washington, according to Bill Hartung of the Quincy Institute. While it’s become commonplace for U.S. allies to hire lobbyists to push their interests in Congress, other countries have balked at the idea of pressuring a president by openly lobbying lawmakers.

According to a Department of Defense list, the following items are included in the current $600 million package:

  • Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS)
  • 36,000 105mm artillery rounds
  • 1,000 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds
  • Four counter-artillery radars
  • Four trucks and eight trailers to transport heavy equipment
  • Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Mine clearing equipment
  • Claymore anti-personnel munitions
  • Demolition munitions and equipment
  • Small arms and ammunition
  • Night vision devices, cold weather gear, and other field equipment

According to Statista, the vast majority of the weapons Ukraine is receiving through NATO are, of course, coming from the United States, compliments of American taxpayers, the majority of whom don’t want anything to do with the war. Britain is a distant second, while Poland — with a vested interest in seeing Russia beaten because the country borders Ukraine — is an even more distant third. Germany, Europe’s richest country, is an embarrassing fourth, but even tiny Latvia and Estonia have contributed more to Ukraine than France (in tenth place).

In all, the Biden regime has committed to providing weapons and ammunition to Ukraine on average around 2-3 times per month since Russia invaded in late February.

In recent days, Russian forces have lost ground to Ukrainian troops, but Russia has much more personnel and a lot more resources, so it’s likely that Putin will counterattack. How much longer can the Biden regime continue giving away American military weapons and resources?

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