It Begins: TMZ Promotes Cricket Protein Powder


The globalists and the left-wing media will not stop convincing people to eat bugs.

“If you’re sick of that post-protein-shake bloat or tired of heavy powders and supplements that leave you feeling overly full and sluggish, try this out instead!” This is the very first line that you come across on TMZ’s website in their advertisement for a protein powder alternative made from crickets.

TMZ is now advertising protein supplements produced by Human Improvement that are made with cricket powders.

Human Improvement tried a variety of protein combinations before settling on one cricket powder. They tried on a blend of organic pumpkin protein, pea protein, and brown rice protein.

“Cricket protein is high in fiber and prebiotics and is not only easy to digest but research shows it may actually help boost gut-health,” the company said.

“Cricket protein is one of the most sustainable and nutritious protein sources on earth. Not only is it a complete protein that is high in B12, iron, and prebiotics but it also requires a fraction of the resources used by traditional animal protein sources,” Human Improvement wrote.

“In fact, crickets emit 99.9% less greenhouse gases, use 90% less water, and 93% less land than livestock to produce the same amount of protein,” it added.

“While using crickets to make protein powder may turn heads at first, it’s actually much better for our bodies and the environment than other powders and supplements that we ingest daily,” TMZ wrote on its website.

“In fact, it’s more nutritious than plant protein and more sustainable than whey – packed with clean ingredients that taste great and go easy on your gut. You’ll never taste the crickets, but you’ll definitely notice the benefits,” it added.

It can be recalled that the globalists and the left-wing media tried to convince people to eat bugs, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

A South African entrepreneur is innovating new ways of turning ‘mopane worms’ into flour to be used for protein bars and protein smoothies.

Wendy Vesela, the chemical engineer behind the push for people to eat the caterpillars, said the bugs can also be used as pizza toppings.

The World Economic Forum openly calls on the peasants to eat bugs and weeds for ‘environmental reasons.’

Global elites at the WEF also promoted fake ‘meat’ produced from a 3D printer as “a taste of the future.”

WEF gave three reasons why peasants should eat lab-grown meat:

  • Every year, billions of animals are raised and slaughtered for food.
  • This uses huge amounts of water and energy.
  • Some experts believe alternatives could be better for people and the environment.

In July, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) broke the news that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) proposed funding a feasibility study to feed “fake meat” to the Navy, TGP reported.

“Funding in the NDAA, provides a pilot program to feed fake meat to the Navy,” Rep. Greene wrote on her Twitter.

“As if recruitment isn’t hard enough right now getting young people to join our woke military requiring vaccines, the Navy is going to have it extra hard bc apparently Bill Gates is designing the menu,” she argued.

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