Blackburn: ‘You Have a Political Cabal Inside the FBI’


“When the FBI became a politicized agency, people started to distrust what they were doing,” she said. “Now, there are some really good FBI agents. The majority of FBI agents are effective, they’re good, and they keep their commitment, their integrity. Many of them have become whistleblowers and have revealed information to Senator [Chuck] Grassley and to us there at the Judiciary Committee. They have raised their concerns. But when you have a political cabal inside the FBI agency that is deciding whether they are going to push forward information or suppress other information — and, Cheryl, we saw this with the Russia collusion hoax.”

“Of course, I asked Christopher Wray about that when he came before us at our Oversight Committee hearing earlier this month,” Blackburn continued. “When you have them deciding to suppress the information on Hunter Biden and about his laptop and even going to Facebook and saying, ‘You might want to be wary of this.’ And we don’t know if they went to the other social media platforms or not, but that is something we will be able to investigate and find out exactly who all is involved in this political cabal. And each and every one of them that have decided to use their position at the FBI to push forward a political agenda. They should be removed and allow the good, honest, trustworthy agents who work hard every day to protect our citizens, allow them to do their job.”

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