Gas Station Armed Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot by Customer with a Gun


A gas station robbery suspect was shot and killed in St. Charles, Missouri on Saturday morning by a good guy with a gun who witnessed the incident.

St. Charles Police said the customer saw the 26-year-old suspect leave the SUV with a backpack and enter a QuikTrip where he threatened the clerk with a knife, according to KSDK.

The witness then grabbed his 9mm handgun, went into the store, and confronted the suspect, according to the news release from St. Charles police.

“The release said the suspect allegedly grabbed his backpack and said to the customer “I have something for you,” and approached the customer from behind the front counter,” the news outlet reported. “The customer then shot at the suspect “several times,” until the suspect fell on the floor. Both the customer and the clerk then called 911. Neither person was injured.”

The suspect was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

Later, it was found that the suspect’s black SUV had been stolen from Maryland Heights on Friday.

KSDK reported that authorities believed the same person is behind all three crimes at gas stations in St. Charles.

More from Fox2Now:

Police say the crime spree began around 3 a.m. Saturday morning with an armed robbery at Mobile On The Run located at 1401 S. Fifth Street. The suspect held a knife to the 43-year-old female clerk’s throat while she opened the cash register. The suspect then pushed her to the floor, stole the money from the register, and then dragged her to the back of the store asking where the safe was.

The clerk wasn’t able to access the safe and the suspect dragged her back to the front counter where she opened a second register in attempt to stop the assault on her. After going through the second register the suspect fled the store in a black SUV. The clerk suffered lacerations from the knife to her left wrist, right hand, and neck. She was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The witness who shot the suspect told police the had stopped at QuikTrip, used the restroom and made a purchase. The witness was walking back to his vehicle parked in front of the store when he saw a black SUV drive into the parking lot abruptly and stop directly in front of the door without pulling into a parking space.

The witness saw the suspect who was carrying a backpack run into the QuikTrip and turn toward the coffee pot area where the 26-year-old female clerk was standing. The suspect dragged the clerk toward the front counter while she was screaming. The witness saw the suspect holding a knife to her throat.

The witness retrieved his 9mm handgun, entered the store and confronted the suspect. The suspect grabbed his backpack and told the witness, “I have something for you.” The suspect then came from around the counter and approached the witness who then fired several times at the suspect. The suspect fell to the floor. The witness and clerk were not harmed, and both called 911.

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