Radical Squad Member Cori Bush Speaks At Pro-Abortion Rally – Protesters Claim Abortion Is ‘An Act Of Love”

 On Friday afternoon, Squad Member and Missouri Rep. Cori Bush spoke at a pro-choice rally in St. Louis, Missouri, after declaring the U.S. Supreme Court to be “racist and sexist” for overturning Roe v. Wade.

During the event, protesters chanted, “Free abortion on demand; the people hate abortion bans!”

Planned Parenthood of Missouri, which helped organize the rally, called Bush “an absolute champion for abortion access.”

Bush was elected as a Missouri congresswoman in 2020 and is considered a member of the communist, anti-American “Squad.” On Friday, she repeatedly called U.S. Supreme Court justices “unelected” as the St. Louis crowd booed. 

She joined a chorus of far-left voices on Friday who spoke out against the U.S. Supreme Court following the release of Justice Alito’s ruling. 

They were “able to make a decision to affect people whose existence they will never know, whose children and children’s children they will never know.”

A woman named Maggie Olivia spoke at the event; she said her abortion was the “best choice” she ever made, calling it an “act of love.”

“Most abortions are an act of love,” she said. Her comments caused the crowd to erupt in cheers and shouts of support. 

Earlier in the day, Bush appeared on CNN alongside host Anderson Cooper. She was going live from the only remaining abortion clinic in her state. It is a clinic where she had an abortion at age 17 following an alleged rape. 

Bush told Cooper during her interview, “All I can think about is that 12, that 13-year-old who is pregnant through incest, or some other rape, you know that cannot get serviced.” She recalled being pregnant at 17 and said she came to “this very clinic” to get her abortion. 

She told Cooper, “I cannot imagine having a child, a child taller than I, who I look in the face of and know, this is a child of my rapist. That should not be something forced.” Bush harkened to the new rhetoric of forced pregnancy as she spoke to Cooper, saying that United Nations classified it as a “crime against humanity.”

When the news of the ruling broke, Bush offered an emotional response while standing in the Missouri Planned Parenthood clinic. She said the ruling would affect 36 million people, mostly Black women. She compared the ruling to limiting access to care for “mental health” and “heart disease,” comparing the process of ending a child’s life to therapies that sustain life for others. 

She also made an appearance on MSNBC on Friday, where she spoke to the trigger law, which immediately ended all abortion services in Missouri. She said that women seeking to end the life of an unborn child can still go across the river to Illinois, where they can access abortion.  

She said, “if you had an appointment this weekend for services in Missouri, you no longer have an appointment.” She told viewers to “get on the immediately and call Illinois because the waiting list is filling up” as people seek to cross state lines to access the life-ending procedure. 

Radical Squad Member Cori Bush Speaks At Pro-Abortion Rally – Protesters Claim Abortion Is ‘An Act Of Love” Radical Squad Member Cori Bush Speaks At Pro-Abortion Rally – Protesters Claim Abortion Is ‘An Act Of Love” Reviewed by Your Destination on June 25, 2022 Rating: 5

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