House Passes MASSIVE $1.5 TRILLION Omnibus Spending Package – Nearly 3,000 Page Bill Released Just Hours Before Vote After 1:30AM Meeting


In another jaw-dropping dereliction of duty by our elected representatives, the US House of Representatives voted to approve a massive, pork-stuffed, $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package on Wednesday despite not having any time at all to review its nearly 3,000 pages of content.

The bill includes $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine and European allies and will fund the federal government through to Sept. 30 if it is passed through the Senate later this week.

On Tuesday night, the Democrat-controlled House Rules Committee held a meeting in the dead of night at 1:30 am to finalize the $1.5 trillion spending package. After meeting for an hour, they released the final text of the bill just before 3:00 am, which gave lawmakers less than 12 hours to scramble and read its contents before the vote, which was set for 1:30 pm EST.

Most lawmakers, if not all of them, weren’t awake when the bill was released, so they did not receive it until the morning, leaving them with just a few hours before having to submit a decision.

Despite the last-minute release, the defense portion of the legislation passed 361-69, while the domestic spending portion passed 260-171, with one present vote, according to CBS News.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday morning, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed House Speaker Pelosi and her ‘hand picked’ committee for the underhanded tactics as she announced the incident.

Greene also uploaded a video online to express her outrage over the situation. The America-First Rep. explained that she was still “shocked” about getting blindsided by the “absolutely horrendous” bill and called the legislative process “completely broken” right now due to the democrats’ unwavering partisanship and Pelosi’s corruption.”Nancy Pelosi should be completely unseated as speaker of the House,” Greene concludes.From Greene:

“I want to tell you how corrupt Congress is. Now you would not believe what happened last night; as a matter of fact, I’m still shocked about it, and the rest of the Republicans were all shocked about it.”

So for all of us here in Washington, when we woke up earlier this morning, we found out that it was too late to go and put amendments in, try to argue back, try to get thing removed from this horrendous, absolutely horrendous $1.5 trillion spending bill.
We weren’t able to do that because the Democrats snuck it through. They did not tell us ahead of time, no one had any idea until [the committee] put it on their website after midnight.
“This is not how Congress is supposed to work. It’s completely broken. So when you look at our government and you are shocked and cannot believe that the things that happen here in Washington, DC, I am telling you this is how corrupt it is. 

We’re supposed to vote on this $1.5 trillion omnibus bill today, and no one has read it. No one has read the bill; 2,741 pages.”


Just like all other massive federal spending packages, this one is chalked full of terrible spending and horrific policy proposals, some of the worst of which that have been found buried in the thousands of pages were highlighted by GOP Reps. Chip Roy (TX) and Jim Banks (IN), who both spoke with the Daily Wire.

The pair called out provisions that will include a massive amount of foreign spending, as well as millions of dollars being funneled to planned parenthood.

Now that the package has made its way past Congress, it will face a tougher hurdle in the Senate – albeit, one it will likely also pass, thanks to the support of several RINOs like Sen. Mitch McConnell, who has been advocating for the spending bill to include even more aid for Ukraine than the Democrats had originally included.

House Passes MASSIVE $1.5 TRILLION Omnibus Spending Package – Nearly 3,000 Page Bill Released Just Hours Before Vote After 1:30AM Meeting House Passes MASSIVE $1.5 TRILLION Omnibus Spending Package – Nearly 3,000 Page Bill Released Just Hours Before Vote After 1:30AM Meeting Reviewed by Your Destination on March 11, 2022 Rating: 5

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