MORE WINNING! Trump’s New One-of-a-Kind Memoir Reaches $20 Million In Sales In Less Than Two Months

 Less than two months after its release, Donald Trump’s book “Our Journey Together” has grossed $20 million. The book is comprised of images from Trump’s presidency and handwritten messages from the President in which he does not hesitate to share his unfiltered opinions of his opponents.

Traditionally, former presidents have released memoirs detailing their time in office in order to cement their legacy. Trump, however, took a unique approach to his book, creating an engaging, humorous compilation of notable moments and photographs from his presidency.

Having written all captions and messages himself, this book is a true representation of Trump’s unapologetic authenticity and honesty that sets him apart from previous US presidents.

Pages obtained by The Daily Mail provide many examples of why this book has gained so much popularity.



Photos of Trump and various world leaders are included throughout his book, along with some handwritten notes and personal messages about the leaders he encountered.

Next to a picture with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Trump wrote, “Boris is one of a kind – and a fantastic leader of the United Kingdom. He will go down as the best PM since Winston Churchill!”

A photo of Trump and Boris Johnson, with a handwritten note praising the British PM.


Another photo featured President Xi, accompanied by a witty caption from Trump.

“President Xi understood we had to get tough,” Trump wrote, “but we were making true progress. If COVID didn’t happen, our nations would both have prospered.”


Another photo of Trump with former Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is accompanied by a caption that slams former national security adviser John Bolton, calling him “dumb as a rock”.

“Got along well with Chancellor Angela Merkel, but she’s for Germany first, as she should be. She used John Bolton when necessary because all he wanted to do was to go to war with other countries. I didn’t, but good for negotiating purposes. He was dumb as a rock. Larry Kudlow – great guy, did a fabulous job.”


Trump also included a photo of him and former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, ripping into him with the personalized caption, “Then-Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York who was forced out of office without, surprisingly, much of a fight.”


A photograph of the Obamas leaving Washington is comically titled, “Barack and Michelle Obama get ready to depart Washington. Goodbye!”



One of the political enemies that Trump rips into the hardest is Nancy Pelosi. A photo of the two of them in the Oval Office is titled, “Attempting to listen to Crazy Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office – such a natural disagreement.”

A handwritten note is paired with the picture:

“She was screaming and shaking like a leaf. She’s f…ing CRAZY – Hence the name Crazy Nancy!”



The book also highlights some of Trump’s great moments in the White House, including the celebration of American greatness as fireworks went off on the Fourth of July near the White House.


An unsigned copy of Trump’s book retailed at about $75, and a signed copy goes for $230. Less than two days after going on sale, however, the signed copies were sold out.

New orders of the book are expected to be filled in late February or early March, with some signed copies going on eBay for over $899.

Sergio Gor, the founder of Winning Team Publishing, announced that his company is “in active discussions with President Trump to publish his next book.”

MORE WINNING! Trump’s New One-of-a-Kind Memoir Reaches $20 Million In Sales In Less Than Two Months MORE WINNING! Trump’s New One-of-a-Kind Memoir Reaches $20 Million In Sales In Less Than Two Months Reviewed by Your Destination on February 08, 2022 Rating: 5

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