Mike Lindell’s My Pillow Employees Will Make and Package 10,000 Pillows To Be Donated To Canadian Truckers


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will donate 10,000 pillows to Canadian truckers fighting for freedom from COVID restrictions and mandates.

Mike Lindell is one of the most generous business owners in America. Most of his good deeds, like delivering his signature “My Pillow” to victims of natural disasters, are ignored by the media, mostly because he chooses to quietly donate to others who are less fortunate, but also because his generosity for others, regardless of their political beliefs doesn’t jive with the “evil Trump-supporting bogey man” narrative the media has created about Mike Lindell.

It’s not the first time Mike Lindell has put the production of his products for sale on hold for the good of the others. In March 2020, when COVID first arrived in the United States from China, masks for frontline workers were in short supply. Mike Lindell quietly converted his 2,000 sq foot My Pillow factory in Minnesota to a mask-making facility creating about 10,000 face masks per day. Aside from Fox News, Lindell, who lost millions on his decision to produce the masks, got very little recognition for his selfless decision.

I spoke with Mike Lindell on Friday about his decision to donate approximately 10,000 pillows to truckers. During our discussion, I attempted to understand better why Mike is sending a semi-truck loaded with his unique pillows to thousands of men and women he’s never met. He explained to us that he’s donating his pillows to show his support for the brave men and women standing up for the rights of all Canadians, regardless of their political beliefs, “This is about freedom,” Mike said.

“We’re gonna have a truckload of pillows we’re gonna deliver to the truckers in Canada,” the My Pillow CEO with a heart of gold told us.  “We’re making them right now,” he said.

My Pillow employees are making Mike’s signature “My Pillow.”

Mike explained that his My Pillow employees are working now to make and package the pillows.

The My Pillow employees are loading them onto his My Pillow truck as soon as they’re being made.

Mike Lindell stands with his beloved employees as they work together to load thousands of pillows into his My Pillow truck that will be donated to truckers fighting for freedom.

Mike explained, “four years ago, me and Trudeau got into it” over President Trump’s tariffs on products coming from Mexico and Canada. The My Pillow CEO received a letter from the Canadian government saying that if he made his products in Canada, they would stop placing strict tariffs on shipments made from the US to his distribution center near Montreal in Quebec, Canada. “It was like blackmail,” Mike said, “If you manufacture them up here, all the raw materials you send up here, we won’t put a tariff on them.”

Two weeks before we were doing a special on the Canadian Shopping Channel, for a couple of million dollars,” Mike had to rush people into Canada from the US to train workers to a newly created factory in Quebec. “The Canadian Shopping Channel were the first ones to cancel My Pillow,” Mike said. “The lousy, lousy shopping channel canceled me,” Mike explained over his vocal opposition to election fraud in the United States. “We lost all of our box stores in Canada, too, Costco being the worst.”

Here’s Mike explaining his plan to deliver thousands of pillows to the Truckers For Freedom to RSBN:

Mike won’t say which day he’ll be attempting to deliver his American-made pillows to the truckers in Canada over fears of being stopped at the border by obstructionists.

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