The Deadliest Vaccine Ever


The sad facts

As of the end of October, the miracle vaccine that was supposed to save us all and let us return to normal lives has killed over 17,619 Americans, and sent over 86,542 to the hospital, at least according to the US government official website for recording such things. If things continue at this rate, we will see over 22,000 deaths by the end of this year. It must be pointed out that these numbers are actually low-end estimates. Before we get to why that is, though, how do these numbers compare to other vaccines? Maybe these are just normal and to be expected.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is used for all vaccines, not just for the Covid vaccines. It was started in 1990 to provide a way to track and identify early indications of problems with vaccines. In the 32 years of its existence, there have been a total of 26,680 reported deaths for all vaccines, or 9,061 total deaths from all other vaccines besides the Covid vaccines. That is roughly 280 deaths per year for all other vaccines combined. Given that there are now over 40 different vaccines tracked in the database, the number of deaths attributable to any vaccine is very low – except for the Covid vaccines.

Not even a year

In just ten months, the number of deaths attributable to the Covid vaccines is almost 63 times the annual number for all other vaccines. By the end of the year, that factor will likely be almost 80 times. Does this bother anyone?


Vaccine proponents, including from within our own government, have attempted to dismiss and discredit these numbers. They often claim that since the VAERS system is voluntary, there are all sorts of false reports in the system so the numbers are unreliable. Aside from the fact that filing a VAERS report is time-consuming and requires filling out a rather extensive form, it is illegal to file a false report:

“Knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fine and imprisonment.”

As a consequence, it is unlikely that any significant number of VAERS reports are false, especially for death reports which can be traced back to actual death certificates. Attempts to discredit the VAERS data constitute misinformation.

How dangerous is it?

I suggested that the numbers reported in VAERS might actually be low-end estimates. A study was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of the VAERS system. The conclusion was that since the system was voluntary, the number of events reported significantly undercounted the actual number of events, According to the report, fewer than 1% of adverse events are reported. That means that the real number of events, including deaths and hospitalizations could be 100 times or more the numbers reported.

The CDC reports that as of October 27, there have been 740,348 Covid deaths in the US. If the number of actual vaccine deaths is just 40 times that of the number of VAERS deaths reported, then the vaccine death count would be equal to the total number of reported Covid deaths. In other words, your chance of dying from the vaccine is likely equal to or greater than that of dying from the disease itself.

The situation is not limited to the US. The UK has a system similar to VAERS called the Yellow Card system. The UK publishes a periodic report of vaccine adverse reactions They repeatedly point out that adverse reactions might be merely coincidental and not a reaction to the vaccine, but such disclaimers appear to be politically required. While reporting requirements are somewhat different from those of the US, at least one researcher found that death from the Covid vaccines was 28 times higher than for the flu vaccines.

Comparable results turn up worldwide from Israel – one of the most jabbed countries in the world, to Ireland and wherever the vaccines are used. It is often difficult, though, to get good data on vaccine-associated deaths. One reason is that the death may occur hours to days after vaccination so that it is difficult to attribute the death to the vaccine. Of greater concern is that there appears to be a deliberate blackout of reporting on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines.

Is it worth it?

The vaccine advocates like to talk about how the unvaccinated are two, five, thirty times more likely to get severe Covid symptoms or even die. But where do these numbers originate?

The problem lies with the high recovery rates of Covid infections. The differences between vaxxed and unvaxxed are small – around 99.7% vs 99.5%. What this means is that if one takes 1,000 confirmed cases each for vaxxed and unvaxxed, 3 vaxxed will die, while 5 unvaxxed pass away. That would suggest that there is a 5/3 advantage for vaccination. However, take two different sets of 1,000 each, and you might get 2 vaxxed deaths and 3 unvaxxed, or 6 vaxxed and 6 unvaxxed. In order to get reliable statistics and good estimates of efficacy, one might need to get 100,000 or more of each group. For high survival rate situations, there is large uncertainty in estimates obtained unless very large numbers of samples are collected.

Until the most recent months, there weren’t enough vaxxed to make good estimates.

Now, though, things have changed, including most of the assumptions and measures used to support the initial vaccine arguments. As I pointed out in a previous article, before June, the dominant variant was the Alpha or original Wuhan version of the virus. Since June, the Delta variant has taken over. Prior to June, there were relatively few people vaccinated, so most of the cases were in the unvaxxed.

The vaccines that were tailored for the original Covid variant were no longer very effective against the new Delta form. Deaths from infections were greatly reduced because people were using effective therapies such as Ivermectin, despite FDA disapproval. Significantly, fully vaccinated people started showing up with “breakthrough” cases in numbers growing to eclipse those of the unvaxxed. Deaths for the vaxxed also climbed to exceed those of the unvaxxed.

The official story

CDC and others are still claiming vaccines work and are superior to the natural immunity acquired from recovery. A recent study cited in a recent CDC release maintains that vaccines are over twice as effective as natural immunity, although in the discussion section, the authors point out a few of several aspects of the research that might lead to significantly different results. One issue is that most of the data is from prior to June when vaccines were actually working to some degree.

The CDC has been playing with the statistics for a long time. From March of 2020 when they mandated that all death reports where Covid was present or suspected be reported as a Covid death, to most recent manipulations of vaccine efficacy and breakthrough infection reporting, the CDC has been providing misinformation and even disinformation to support vaccine mandates. For example, on its webpage describing adverse events, it calculates the rate of vaccination deaths on the basis of number of doses.

But people die, not doses, and the vaccines require people to get two doses for full vaccination and sometimes three or more. Consequently, the rate they calculate is probably less than half the actual rate. Further, they report only 9,000 deaths resulting from vaccination, while VAERS reports over 17,000 in the same period. They claim to use the same data, but for some reason, they exclude almost half the relevant deaths.

All this serves to make it appear that vaccination deaths are less common than they actually are. They even call the 9,000+ deaths “rare” even though that number of deaths alone is over 32 times greater than the total annual deaths from all other vaccines.

To add insult to injury, the use of an experimental drug requires that any recipient of the drug be provided with full information regarding known or suspected side effects and adverse reactions. This is called “informed consent”. The official CDC guidance does not even list death or any of the serious adverse reactions observed. Instead, it minimizes any side effects as temporary and minor.

Moreover, when discussing legal requirements for informed consent, a CDC website explicitly states:

“There is no Federal requirement for informed consent relating to immunization.”

However, there are Federal laws that require informed consent as part of the Emergency Use Authorization given by the FDA for the Covid vaccines. This statement by the CDC must be considered disinformation designed to mislead and deceive the public.

Are the vaxxed safe?

Many who received the vaccines and who survived the experience consider themselves home-free. Not so!

There is an effect known as Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Viral Disease (VAED). At least two pathologies fall under this heading- Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), and Vaccine-Associated Hypersensitivity (VAH). Both are of concern with the Covid vaccines.

ADE reactions can be severe, even to the point of death. Essentially, the vaccine primes the immune system to overreact to a subsequent infection. The infection does not have to be the same pathogen as the one to which the vaccine is directed. ADE has been suggested as the mechanism behind the breakthrough infections that are currently being observed.

VAH has been observed with measles vaccines, and may also be present after application of the Covid vaccines. Like ADE, this condition may also be fatal and may occur at some indefinite time in the future, including months or even years after vaccination. The disruption of the immune system by the vaccines is long-lasting even if their effectiveness against the original pathogen wanes.

Two recent articles here and here from the UK presented an analysis of data from the UK system that suggested for some age groups, not only were the vaccines ineffective, they actually had negative efficacy values, meaning that they assisted infection, making vaccinated people more susceptible to infection and more likely to die than unvaccinated.

You must be kidding me.

During the recent FDA hearings to consider approval of the Covid vaccines for use in children, at least one of the participants essentially said that we don’t really know what effect the vaccines will have on children, so we should approve their use for children so we can find out. In other words, let’s turn our children into lab rats and experiment on them just like we did on the adults.

Who benefits?

This could also be called “follow the money”, although money is not the only reason for imposing vaccine mandates. The companies producing the vaccines, especially including Pfizer, have benefitted not only from direct sales of their vaccines but also from increased stock valuation resulting from investor recognition of the value of a large and captive market for the products. Various authorities have enjoyed large increases in their power by being able to justify a number of authoritarian acts as necessary to public health. Some have even exploited the situation to transform or eliminate fundamental freedoms throughout society, bringing their dreams of total social control closer to fruition.

What now?

It is imperative that if we wish to retain the freedoms we have enjoyed until recently, we must resist the vaccine mandates, the vaccine passports, the inhumane treatment of those who decline vaccination, and the dehumanization of objectors. It should be clear from this article, as from many others across the world, that the current press for mass vaccinations has little to do with protecting public health, and everything to do with power and money. There are few good reasons for the current push for vaccinations and many bad ones.

In typical authoritarian fashion, Mr. Biden says he is losing patience with people who don’t want to get vaccinated. I would say that we the people are losing patience with Mr. Biden’s autocratic ways. It is time to just say “no”.

Let’s Go, Brandon.

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