Sheriff Mack wants law enforcement officers to lead the way in helping America wake up and resist government overreach

 Former Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona and Sheriff Scott Williams of Coryell County, Texas believe sheriffs who swear to uphold the Constitution must lead the way and help the rest of America “wake up” to the tyranny of the federal government’s overreach.


Back in February, Williams attended a meeting of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), an organization of law enforcement officers dedicated to upholding the Constitution and defending their constituents against federal encroachment. The sheriff said attending meetings with the CSPOA “lit a fire” in him that he can’t put out.

“When you posed the questions to me, ‘Do you take your oath seriously? What are you doing to protect people’s Constitutional rights? What are you doing to protect their God-given rights?'” said Williams. “I’ve never had a feeling like that. And that was in February. And I have lived and breathed it every day.”

“You’re almost talking like you went through a conversion process,” said Mack.

“Conversion? I would say, a reassuring process. A clarifying process. It woke me up,” answered Williams.

Both Williams and Mack believe that all sheriffs and other law enforcement officers should know the Constitution by heart, especially if they have taken an oath to uphold it.

“I have always maintained that if you’re going to swear an oath of allegiance to something, you probably ought to know why you took that oath,” said Mack. “But it also presupposes that we’re going to actually keep our word. There’s no way you can keep an oath to something that you’ve never read or studied and you’re completely ignorant of.”

Mack pointed out that everyone who attended the CSPOA’s conference in February, including Williams, has been busy studying the Constitution. “Because they know and understand the significance of the oath of office, and that everything really generates from that oath,” said Mack.

As law enforcement officers, Mack and Williams believe that they need to lead the way to help America wake up and resist the encroachment of the federal government.

“We the people have got to wake up as well and work with our sheriffs and find a peaceful and effective solution to what’s going on today in our country,” said Mack. “We have never seen in our world history – especially in our nation’s history – a greater threat to our God-given Constitutional American liberty than we are now from our own federal government.”

Constitutional sheriffs are standing up to government overreach

“Constitutional sheriffs” like Mack and Williams, as they are now known by mainstream media outlets, have become a powerful force defending Americans against government overreach.

Sheriffs who have embraced this new ideology have now declared their intention to refuse to enforce mask mandates. They are even planning to resist President Joe Biden and the federal government’s impending rule that all businesses with 100 or more employees must have fully vaccinated employees or force them to submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. 

“We will not become the mandate police,” declared Knox County, Tennessee Sheriff Tom Spangler. He made the same declaration in an Oct. 25 letter to Biden that called the vaccine mandate “government overreach” and “unconstitutional.”

Many more sheriffs all over the country are declaring their allegiance to the Constitution first.

Sheriffs Mack and Williams have a lot more to say about sheriffs and other law enforcement officers upholding the Constitution. Watch the full Nov. 2 episode of “The Sheriff Mack Show” here:


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