Migrant Caravan REFUSES Work Permits from Mexico: Shouldn’t that End Their Claim to Refugee Status?

 You’d think that being a “refugee” meant fleeing a war-torn or otherwise inhabitable area and then stopping in the first safe place. That would be a reasonable thought given that the definition of a refugee is “One who flees to a refuge or shelter or place of safety.”

However, the migrant caravan heading toward America and its enablers in the Biden regime have a different take on things.

As the Post Millennial reports, the migrants in the caravan were offered “visas to stay and work in Mexico by Mexican authorities…” Adding more details, Reuters reported that:

“Migrants advocate Irineo Mujica, one of the caravan’s leaders, said migrants mostly rejected the offer of so-called humanitarian visas from the agents in exchange for ending their journey. The migrants also would have had to report to government shelters and consent to be moved to other states, Mujica said.

[…]The humanitarian visas would have temporarily regularized the migrants’ legal status in Mexico while granting them access to public services like healthcare, as well as the ability to work.

So, they’ve been offered a shelter/place of safety by the Mexican government. There’s no more problem, right?

Not so fast. They refused the offer and kept passing through Mexico, their caravan pointed like a dagger at the American border as the thousands upon thousands of “refugees” composing it keep marching ever onward.

Not all of the migrants in the caravan claim to be refugees. But, many do. They claim to need “asylum” in America because of gangs and crime back home, wherever home may be.

It remains to be seen if the caravan will be treated any differently now that it has rejected Mexico’s offer of asylum and settlement. US law, the Refugee Act, only requires that we help actual refugees. Those that are offered safety but choose to reject it in hope of getting something better elsewhere probably aren’t refugees and are instead just economic migrants, meaning that if the law is enforced they shouldn’t receive any special treatment at the border.

And that’s if they even make it to the border. Reuters notes that Mexican police and soldiers could still break up the caravan, as has been done in the past, writing that “Previous caravans have faced off with migration agents and soldiers who have increasingly used tough tactics to stem the tide of fleeing migrants.”Despite that, the allure of American money could triumph over fear of Mexican truncheons. It was recently reported that the Biden Administration plans on paying $450k to each migrant separated at the border. As Fox reports:

A reported plan by the Biden administration to pay $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants who had been separated during the Trump administration could exceed the payments given to some families of 9/11 victims and Gold Star families.

Migrant Caravan REFUSES Work Permits from Mexico: Shouldn’t that End Their Claim to Refugee Status? Migrant Caravan REFUSES Work Permits from Mexico: Shouldn’t that End Their Claim to Refugee Status? Reviewed by Your Destination on November 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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