Manchin Says GOP Election Night Success Should Serve as Warning to Dems on Spending

 Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin suggested that the Republican successes in state and local elections Tuesday should serve as a warning to Democrats that real constituent fears can’t be neglected and ignored.

During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, the West Virginia senator extrapolated a pattern of voter dissatisfaction with the country’s trajectory from the pivotal Virginia and New Jersey races, in which the Republican candidates far outperformed expectations.

“I just saw it to confirm that we have a divided country … I hope it’s a wake-up call for all of us,” Manchin said. “I’m concerned. I’ve been talking about our debt, I’ve been talking about inflation, [and] I’ve been talking about the [economic] fallout we may have [from the spending bills].”

In Virginia, Republican gubernatorial contender Glenn Youngkin bested former incumbent Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe after entering the race as an underdog. Youngkin prevailed by focusing relentlessly on education, attacking the progressive trajectory of public school curricula and the overly cautious approach to COVID policy in schools.

Manchin suggested that American energy independence could do a lot to ameliorate concerns over surging prices across multiple consumer sectors, an issue which President Biden has promised is unrelated to his massive spending packages.

“Why don’t we do more drilling and why don’t we do more basically production in the United States? I’m not depending on OPEC. I’m not depending on other countries for energy anymore. We know how to do it. We have the technology. We should be relying on ourselves,” he said.

A new parent rights firebrand advocating for accountability in public education and against progressive equity and inclusion initiatives, Youngkin walked away with 50.9 percent of the vote to McAuliffe’s 48.4 percent, with less than 5 percent of precincts still reporting, according to the New York Times. In New Jersey, Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli’s competition with incumbent Democratic governor Phil Murphy was far closer than anticipated, with the latter expected to win only by a narrow margin.

When asked whether the Democratic Party abandoned him ideologically, Manchin seemed conflicted, but he confirmed he doesn’t identify with the progressive wing.

“I’m a West Virginia Democrat, but I don’t know. I don’t know where maybe I belong at times, but I believe I’m fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. And you know what? I have a lot of Democrats who feel the same as I do. I have a lot of Republicans feel the same as I do,” he said.

Manchin lamented the loss of political tolerance in American society.

“This is a shame when we start this war of words … We can have a difference of opinion – the rhetoric around here has gotten so harsh and so toxic that you can’t agree to disagree anymore. You can’t sit down and say, ‘OK, I disagree with you,” he said.

Finally, he said he’s observed a disturbing trend of hardening around partisan interests rather than the common good.

“What scares the bejesus out of me – I don’t hear people saying, ‘This is good for our country.’ It’s more or less on both sides – ‘It’s is better for my party, this is better for the 2022 elections,'” he said.

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