LOL: Watch Frustrated New Yorkers Toss Their Uncollected Garbage on de Blasio’s Yard

New Yorkers have long suffered under the incompetent Bill de Blasio. Now, they’re fighting back in utterly hilarious fashion, as you can watch below:

Apparently, protesters were pushed over the edge by the city’s failure to even pick up their trash, something that has been a basic municipal function since the Gilded Age. So, rather than protest in a typical way, they went ahead and made a statement by showing de Blasio just what they were upset about and dumping their trash on his yard!

The breakdown in trash collection was caused by de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for city employees, which sent home thousands of cops, firemen, and, most relevantly to this situation, sanitation workers at a time when the city’s workers were already stretched. Sanitation workers, only 83% of whom are currently vaccinated, were the most heavily hit by the mandate, with almost 20% unable to work because they refused the jab.

The predictable result was that 80% of the employees couldn’t pick up 100% of the trash, so huge piles of garbage piled up around Gotham, creating an unsanitary, highly visible reminder of the city’s failure to do its basic duties.

And it doesn’t appear that the sanitation workers are backing down. As ABC reported:

To date, the Sanitation Department says 83% of its employees are vaccinated. Those who aren’t vaccinated … some of them gathered in protest outside of the same facility on Richmond Avenue where their coworkers are playing catch up.

“We’re being forced to do something against our will,” sanitation worker Michael Cancelleri said.

Michael has been on the job 17 years and for the first time is now on unpaid leave, along with thousands of other city employees who refuse to comply with the mandate.

They’re protesting, fighting for their right to do what they think is right. They’re not backing down.

And, while some might say that the problem was caused by the sanitation workers refusing to get vaccinated, many New Yorkers are standing with the sanitation workers and against de Blasio. the Gothamist describes that situation well here:

On a tree-lined block of Eltingville, Staten Island, no one has picked up the trash in over a week. But even as raccoons rummage through the growing pile of bags, Juan Cuautle, a nonprofit worker who moved to the block four years ago, feels as though he is alone in worrying about the breakdown in city services.

“Most of my neighbors work for the city, and they’re supporting the sanitation workers,” said Cuautle…

[…]Despite bearing the brunt of the protest, many Staten Island residents said they would continue to support the sanitation workers. Some have placed signs outside urging sanitation workers to leave the garbage behind, according to Councilman Joe Borelli, a Republican who represents the borough.

“There’s no question people are upset their garbage is not being picked up. But I’d say there’s also support for the people not picking up,” Borelli said. “We’re a place that really does care about our city workers. The anger is aimed at the mayor.”

Rather than give in to pressure and side with de Blasio, the residents of New York, Staten Island especially, are standing with the sanitation workers. Perhaps de Blasio’s outlook will be shifted by the piles of uncollected refuse sitting in his yard rather than the streets of the city supposedly under his aegis. As of now, however, he’s sticking with the jab mandate.

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