Former CIA Officer: China Is Using Stolen Tech to Build an America-Defeating Military

 According to a former CIA officer, Red China is stealing American technology and using it to design and build an America-defeating military.

That CIA officer is named David Sauer and the Epoch Times reports that he “served as chief of station and deputy chief of station in multiple overseas command positions in East Asia and South Asia prior to his retirement.

In an interview that won’t surprise China hawks and those who have been raising the alarm about Chinese industrial espionage, he told The Epoch Times’ sister media outlet NTD that:

“U.S. security officials estimate that the Chinese steal between $300 billion and $600 billion a year in U.S. intellectual property, research and development, information, and technology.”

“They’re [China] stealing that information and then integrating [it] into their economy and their state-owned enterprises [and] into their military. Some of their military systems look like a carbon copy of U.S. military systems. So it really saves them [China] a lot of time, sweat, and tears in trying to develop that technology.”

“The reality is that China’s using our technology and innovation to build its rise and to build a military that can defeat ours.”

And that’s not all. China doesn’t just hack databases, it also targets individuals. The Epoch Times reports that:

The Chinese regime targets individuals—who can be students, academics, or business people—seeking their cooperation to obtain certain technologies that the regime in Beijing wants to get its hands on, Sauer said.

One such example might be the sailor recently caught trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign power in a Tom Clancy-like operation

The results of all that industrial espionage and weapons-tech theft can be easily seen. China’s J-20 stealth fighter jet looks suspiciously similar to America’s F-22 Raptor, the world’s premier air superiority fighter. Similarly, its J-31 stealth fighter appears to be a close replica of America’s newest stealth fighter, the F-35 Lightning II. While it is doubtful that the Chinese copies are as superb as the American originals, it’s obvious that the Chinese have stolen at least some specifications and data on how to build those weapon systems.

And it’s not only the big contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon that are getting hit with waves of Chinese cyberattacks. For example, the Washington Free Beacon reported back in 2016 that a small aircraft parts supplier was hacked and threatened with bankruptcy by Chinese cyberwarriors:

A U.S. defense contractor was threatened with bankruptcy by Chinese hackers seeking jet fighter logistics secrets, according to the Pentagon’s Joint Staff.

A report earlier this month by the Joint Staff’s J-2 intelligence directorate revealed that the American contractor, a company involved in classified defense work, was threatened by Chinese hackers, according to Pentagon officials familiar with the report.

The Chinese demanded access to the company’s intellectual property, and said unless the company secrets were provided, China would steal the data, reverse engineer it, and then sell it internationally in a bid to force the company into bankruptcy.

The unidentified company is involved in supplying logistics support for U.S. fighter aircraft, such as parts and maintenance for fighters.

China’s efforts to steal American technology and use it to build an America-killing military could hardly come at a worse time for America’s floundering armed forces.

Not only were they recently routed from Afghanistan because of inept leadership, but vaccine mandates mean tens of thousands of highly trained servicemen might be forced out at a time when the Heritage Foundation reports that the forces are approaching “weak” strength ratings.

Meanwhile, China is building an America-killing military and probing Taiwan’s defenses.

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