EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants Cross Border In San Luis Where NO WALL OR FENCE Is Present – Then Run Towards Border Patrol (VIDEO)


America’s southern border is wide open for drugs and illegal immigration under the Biden regime. 
Part of the border from San Luis, Arizona to California still does not even have a wall or a fence.

Senator Mark Kelly’s solution to the border crisis is to add another legal port of entry into the United States.

TGP reported earlier that Sen. Kelly visited the border in San Luis and tried to remove reporter Conradson from his press conference.

During his visit to San Luis, Conradson walked through the legal port of entry into Mexico and reentered the United States.

Port of Entry to Mexico

When leaving the U.S. he was able to walk through without any restrictions.

The line to Enter America

Conradson was prohibited from using his cellphone inside of the immigration processing center after they realized he was taking photographs.

Signs were displayed stating that a mask was required for entry into the U.S. but this rule was not enforced and proof of negative COVID test or vaccination was not required.

It did not appear that they examined the belongings of anybody when entering the United States.

52lbs of Meth Found at Traffic Stop in San Luis, AZ

52 lbs of meth was recently found after being smuggled through the border at the legal port of entry in San Luis, according to San Luis Police Chief Richard Jessup.

High School students were busted by police in San Luis with an estimated 5,000 fentanyl pills, that came through our border illegally.

Fentanyl Seized From Students At San Luis High School

152 drug offenses have been discovered by police this year in San Luis.

After a closer look at the legal immigration system, San Luis Police Chief Richard Jessup took Conradson 6 miles down the road to Gadsden, where there is no border fencing.

Conradson and Jessup encountered an illegal crossing and assisted Border Patrol in the apprehension.

The illegals did not run away from Border Patrol. They literally ran towards the transportation van because they know, it’s their free ride into our country.

One of the children ran to hug the Border patrol agent.

Conradson interviewed chief Jessup during the apprehension.

Conradson: They’re running

Jessup: They are running right to Border Patrol to say, “how do we give up?”

They are right in the middle 0f a farmer’s field, which could destroy crops.

Yeah, they’re gonna probably go down here to where there’s going to be a crossing and they’re going to meet Border Patrol and get across. Which they probably were instructed to go do that. This is what we are seeing several thousand of this going on every single day.

Conradson: And then from there what happens? they would hop on a plane, hop on a bus?

Jessup: The process would be this. So they would actually go ahead and they would be picked up by border patrol. Then they would turn around Border Patrol and take them to their processing station. Once they get to their processing station, then they would go ahead and process every single one of these individuals. Once they’re processed, they wouldn’t be screened, obviously at that point for COVID or any other diseases. Once they’re processed then they’re either given over the ice to be transported back across country, to their foreign country. Or they can be sponsored by somebody here in the United States. And that sponsorship would then turn around and get them from one point to the next point. There are possibilities that they can take public transportation out of the city of Yuma via bus and or plane of which they’ve done that before.

Conradson: He’s leading them to the bridge?

Jessup: Yep. Taking them right over to where they’re going to cross. And then he’s going to go ahead and do his field processing on what he needs to do. And go from there.

This is right here is where most of our crossings are happening. And then once it happens here then obviously where we’re getting breached on the fence is out on the east side of San Luis where this is really the county as far as that’s concerned too.

Conradson: What happens if they have drugs?

Jessup: They would be processed and depending on the amounts, Border Patrol would either go ahead and take it and they would get processed with illegal possession or crossing with drugs from a foreign country. So there are federal statutes that they can go ahead and use for that particular case. They can, you know they can get prosecuted for that. They can also be turned over and this looks like some family units simply because of the kids that are involved in it up there.

But this is literally what they do. They cross, they seek Border Patrol, and they literally give themselves up knowing full well that probably they’re going to be processed and fly somewhere across America.

Conradson: And they wait for their court date?

Jessup: And they wait for their court date which could be anywhere from I’m hearing four to five years. But now what you’re talking about is you have Border Patrol in the neighborhoods of processing 2,000  to 3,000 people a day. That’s my estimation, and it takes all of their units off of patrol and puts them into these types of transport vans and stuff like that.

President Trump was working to finish this bare section of the border but the radical left and globalist bureaucrats put up the red tape to prevent the wall’s completion. Equipment and supplies were also left behind at building sites for anybody to take when construction came to a halt.

TGP reported that there is another massive wave of illegal immigrants currently moving towards our southern border that is splintering off into smaller groups.

As Border Patrol agents are busy with illegal crossings like this, migrants have more opportunities to enter illegally, and smuggle drugs through walled sections of the border.

177,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended and processed in San Luis this year alone.

We need to finish this wall.

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants Cross Border In San Luis Where NO WALL OR FENCE Is Present – Then Run Towards Border Patrol (VIDEO) EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants Cross Border In San Luis Where NO WALL OR FENCE Is Present – Then Run Towards Border Patrol (VIDEO) Reviewed by Your Destination on November 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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