Daily Rate of New Covid Cases In California is Now DOUBLE Florida’s Rate – Despite Newsom’s Covid Mandates


California and Florida have a lot in common – they are both coastal states, with warmer climates that provide year-round sunshine – both have massive tourism draw, with millions of people who visit from around the country every year – and both are being flooded with illegal immigrants – which, in the case of California, is completely intentional.

In spite of their surface-level similarities, the two states could not be more different politically, and that stark contrast is being highlighted like never before thanks to the perpetual Covid-19 pandemic.

California, under the leadership of radical Gavin Newsom, has been one of the most restrictive states in the nation when it comes to Covid-19 measures since the very beginning. Not only were they one of the first to impose mandatory masks indoors, but they were also among the leading states to adopt freedom-crushing vaccine mandates. The state has already even begun requiring school children 12 and up to be fully vaccinated.

On the other hand – Florida, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, has remained almost entirely restriction-free and mandate-free throughout the pandemic. The state has actually consistently fought back against Biden’s federal overreach and taken steps to protect its citizens and their livelihoods by making it clear that people are free to choose on their own whether they will take the experimental jab or not.

The distinction between the two state’s responses to the Covid-19 virus is unmistakable, and as time continues on – bringing more data with it – it’s looking like there will be one strategy that ends up far-and-away above the other.

Let’s just say: If we called it now, Florida would be the winner.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), California’s new daily covid case rate is DOUBLE that of Florida’s, despite more of the state’s eligible population being vaccinated and having had mask mandates in place for months. The state has experienced a sharp uptick in cases over recent weeks after they had seen a drop in cases since coming out of summer.

Florida is actually leading the nation with the lowest rate of new daily cases of any state.

Just weeks ago, Governor Newsom boasted that the Golden State “continues to lead the nation” with their authoritarian response to the virus, but instead of continuing to see improvement, Covid-19 cases have stopped falling and begun to rise substantially. In fact, California is no longer listed as “orange” (moderate) in the CDC tracker, they have claimed back up to the agency’s “red” (high) designation with their recent outbreak.

Meanwhile, in Florida and several other southern states, the spread of the virus has continued to slow down. Several of these states -mostly the republican strongholds – are doing much better than California and other locked-down areas thanks to their policy decisions.

In addition to Florida and Texas, the case rate is down across the entire gulf coast. All are much lower than California and New York even though they ditched mask orders, opposed vaccine mandates, have fewer citizens who are vaccinated, and experienced higher transmission over the summer.

Could it have something to do with a little something called natural immunity?

Ali H Mokdad, the professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington was baffled by the numbers that are being seen not just in California and Florida but also across the country. He points out that 19 states currently are experiencing increased transmission rates, several of which are liberal states like California, and he can’t figure out why the people aren’t “reaping more reward” from their blind obedience, because they previously “appeared to be declining.”

“There are early indications that the decline in the delta surge at the national level in the US has ended.

[19 states have increasing transmission] that had previously appeared to be declining.

You’re paying for your success, which is weird. You succeed in controlling the virus, and now you’re having infections.

When are Democrats going to start adopting a safe, effective strategy against this virus? – Perhaps starting with one that treats it like it has an overall recovery rate of 99.95%-99.99%? Oh yeah, that’s right – Never. This is all about power.

Until Americans stop playing the Covid-1984 games, this scamdemic will never end.

Daily Rate of New Covid Cases In California is Now DOUBLE Florida’s Rate – Despite Newsom’s Covid Mandates Daily Rate of New Covid Cases In California is Now DOUBLE Florida’s Rate – Despite Newsom’s Covid Mandates Reviewed by Your Destination on November 10, 2021 Rating: 5

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