Courageous Nurse Escorted From Hospital After Religious Exemption Denied Has Powerful Message For Americans [VIDEO]

 A California nurse’s video has gone viral, in which she films herself being escorted out of her workplace after refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the video, the nurse explains her circumstances, saying “I am being escorted out of Kaiser Permanente Hospital for my religious beliefs because I don’t want to get the jab… and I asked all day for someone to explain to me why my sincerely held religious beliefs are not good enough for Kaiser, and no one was able to do that for me. So now they’re escorting me out because I wanted an answer, and I’m not leaving without an answer.”

The nurse in the popular video wanted to know why her religious beliefs were not considered valid in the eyes of the hospital, however, she was not able to get an answer from anyone before being removed from the premises.

Religious exemptions are becoming harder for healthcare workers to successfully obtain, and our First Amendment rights for religious freedom seem to be forced more and more into the background as courts ignore arguments for religious exemptions from the vaccine mandates.

The nurse continues documenting her departure from the hospital, saying “I have some nurses here who are standing with me in solidarity, and I appreciate that. And I just want all of you to count the cost. I want you to watch this and think ‘What really matters to me?’ because I am willing to lose my safety and security, my house… everything for my freedom. And I want you to think about that.” 

In the background of this video, you can see a police officer escorting the ‘dangerous woman’ out of the hospital. This nurse who is willing to sacrifice everything for her freedom as a US citizen is being treated like a criminal, being led out of her workplace without so much as the courtesy of an explanation for why her religious beliefs were not respected. Her superiors at this hospital could not so much as stand in front of her and give her the answers she was searching for. Do they themselves not know why they would deny her religious rights?

Despite the praise and glorification of all our healthcare workers amid the COVID pandemic, they are now being shamed and belittled if they choose to place their religion, freedom, and personal values first. Those who risked their lives before a vaccine was even available are now being forced out of work. They then receive the blame for creating work shortages in hospitals. A Washington Times article quotes a New York Fire Commissioner complaining that those who choose to be unvaccinated are “not only affecting the people they serve, it’s affecting their brothers and sisters in the department who are forced to fill their spots”.

Rather than turning the blame on the governmental parties who are enforcing this vaccine mandate, they are blaming the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and many more who are standing up for their Constitutional rights. As shortages in hospital staffing and other industries nationwide continue to grow, blame on the nonvaccinated will undoubtedly persist. In these times, it is important to remember who is fighting for our Country’s freedom, and who seeks to destroy it.

Courageous Nurse Escorted From Hospital After Religious Exemption Denied Has Powerful Message For Americans [VIDEO] Courageous Nurse Escorted From Hospital After Religious Exemption Denied Has Powerful Message For Americans [VIDEO] Reviewed by Your Destination on November 02, 2021 Rating: 5

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