WI Teacher Taped Mask on Student’s Head, Previously Tried to Force Him to Wear Pride Mask — Proud Boys Organizing Protest


The parents of a 13-year-old student at McNeel Intermediate School in Beloit, Wisconsin say that a special needs teacher taped a mask around his face on Tuesday and the police are refusing to file charges.

The teacher, Mrs. Jessica Quinodda Scott, previously tried to force the 8th grade student to wear a mask featuring a Pride flag, but he refused.

Scott, who uses the fake name “Berry Johnson” on Facebook, has Black Lives Matter and far-left politics all over her profile.

The father of the child, Brock Conner, told the Gateway Pundit that the most recent incident happened on Tuesday during his 2nd period reading class.

“He sat down and was getting ready for the teacher to start class and he had his mask pulled down, just exposing his nose. She told him to put his mask up and he said he would in just a second, because he was catching his breath. She asked him again, to put it up, and he offered the same reply,” Conner explained to Gateway Pundit.

Conner says the teacher then went and grabbed a roll of tape and started wrapping it around his son’s head.

“My son says that she went around his head about five times with the tape,” Conner said. “Another teacher was in the room when this happened and she yelled at the other teacher saying ‘what are you doing? You can’t do this to a student! This is wrong.'”

However, the teacher did not succeed in stopping her colleague.

At this point, Conner said that his son asked to leave the class to go call his parents, and she refused. When he tried to get up and leave the class anyways, she locked the door and blocked his path.

“I never got a call. I never got an email. Nothing from the school about the situation,” Conner said. “I didn’t find out about it until my son got home later that day.”

Conner says that his son ripped the tape off and still had red marks on the back of his neck when he got home, even though it happened early in the morning during second period.

This was not the first time that Mrs. Scott has harassed his son during this school year, according to Conner.

“He wore a gaiter to school earlier in the year and Mrs. Scott gave him crap about that, too. She pulled it off of him and claimed that it was not up to the school’s code and proceeded to tell him to put on a gay pride mask that she gave him. She told him that if he didn’t wear it he would have detention, but he refused to wear it. He picked the mask up, walked to the trash and threw it away.”

Conner never received a call from the school about that incident either, despite the fact that every time the teacher threatens to call his parents, he tells her to do it.

Following the latest incident, Conner called Beloit Police Department to file a report and request charges against the teacher for assaulting his son.

When Conner said that he wanted to press charges against the teacher for assault, the officer told him that there was “no criminal action that took place for him to arrest her.”

The officer also went and spoke to the teacher before meeting with him, and she claimed that she had only put a small piece of tape across his nose. Conner provided Gateway Pundit with photos of the back of his son’s neck when he got home that day. He also maintains that even if it was small, as she claimed, it was still assault on a minor.

“So, I asked the officer, if my son had taken that tape off his face and put it on her face — my son would be arrested, correct?” Conner explained. He said that the officer confirmed that his son would have been arrested. “What is the difference? There is none.”

The concerned father also provided Gateway Pundit with a photo of the mask his son was wearing, which he believes may have upset the teacher.

Conner also called the school for more information and they refused to speak to him.

“When I called there that day, after the incident, they acted like they didn’t know anything about it. So, I called this morning and said, ‘no, I want to talk to someone now about what happened to my son.’ She set the phone down and I could hear her talking to someone in the background. When she returned to the call, she said ‘this conversation is over,’ and hung up on me.”

Now, the official Wisconsin chapter of the Proud Boys is organizing a protest at the school board building on November 5 at 3 p.m.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, a representative of the chapter said that “the Wisconsin Proud Boys support any parent, of any political position or background, that feel they have the right to protect their children.”

“Vaccine or not. Trump or Biden. White or black. It doesn’t matter. This is a fundamental issue that we should all be able to come together on. A teacher abused a child and no parent would put up with this,” their statement continued. “We will not allow this to go by unnoticed. We plan to provide security and general support for the victim’s family and anyone who wishes to attend the event. Everyone should be able to come together on this. Please join us Friday, November 5th.”

The Proud Boys are asking people to meet in front of the school board building at 1500 Fourth Street, Beloit, WI.

Conner said that he has a few attorneys that he is talking to about the situation and is weighing his legal options.

“This is not the world that we grew up in,” Conner said. “But this wouldn’t fly then, and it isn’t going to fly now. You can’t do this stuff to kids.”

Conner said that he has been shocked and encouraged by the amount of parents in the community that are outraged and standing with his family. dren.

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