Top 7 ways to snap out of depression and isolation turmoil stemming from the pandemic

 By now, most people have figured out that lockdowns don’t work. They’re horrible for people’s health, horrible for the economy, and horrible for family members trapped under one roof with each other for extended periods of time. Domestic violence has skyrocketed during the pandemic lockdowns along with suicide rates. People’s finances have plummeted due to closed and limited business functionality, job losses, cut backs and rising inflation. Children and teenagers have lost most or all ability to socialize because schools have shifted to virtual learning, or require the kids to wear masks all day and stay 6 feet away from their peers.

None of this is beneficial, not even to preventing the spread of Covid, per the science. Then come chronic feelings of isolation and depression. Kids in Australia are seeing the worst of it all, and many are turning to drugs and alcohol just to cope, but in the long term, those ‘pleasure products’ only exacerbate depression, making it harder to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’

Natural remedies for snapping yourself out of a dampened mental and/or physical state

One of the hardest things to do is to snap yourself out of the ‘funk.’ People tend to rely on others to help them, but if most people are in the same boat, that doesn’t always work out. On that note, there are many ‘natural remedies’ for ending (or at least circumventing) these senseless isolation “mandates” and returning yourself to normal, or better yet, happy and healthy (mentally and physically). Sometimes it’s really nice not to have to rely on others to save you from yourself. Make some minor changes to the ways you function and brighten up your lifestyle, starting right away. Here are some useful tips that are inexpensive and in some cases, totally free.

#1. Freshen up your environment (brighten home, clean house, fix up yard, deck or porch, buy some plants, etc.).

#2. Increase in-person social interactions.

#3. Clean up your food/beverage intake for more nutrition, less junk-science as an autumn ‘resolution’ instead of waiting for New Year’s Day.

#4. Ramp up your supplements, including mood-enhancing and dopamine-boosting superfoods like mucunamaca, and chaga.

#5. Start/develop hobby or leisure activity, alone or with a group, like cards, dancing, mahjong, painting or art (classes here could be fun also). Check your local library for classes and events!

#6. Change your aesthetic appearance to a new look, such as coloring your hair or changing the style, get new piercings, new jewelry, new clothes, tattoos, etc.

#7. Start/create a new exercise routine, possibly a class (like yoga, spin, cross-train, self-defense) for meeting new friends, establishing new positive relationships.

Most Americans consume products that wreck immune function, dopamine levels and organ cleansing abilities, thus fueling depression

Do you eat canola oil daily? Canola oil is found in most processed foods and it has been proven by research to cause depression, weight gain and even dementia. Start checking the labels on all edible products in your home and all the new ones you buy, and avoid canola oil at all costs.

Cigarettes and vape gadgets are nicotine delivery devices that provide an artificial crutch for your body to produce dopamine. Over time, your body produces less and less dopamine without the nicotine, driving feelings of depression. Start weaning yourself off the nicotine and boost dopamine production with natural remedies like mucuna pruriens.

Artificial sweeteners are known to cause depression and pollute your cleansing organs. Veer clear of aspartame and sucralose, two fake sugars that are made in laboratories and affect your body’s normal abilities to cleanse itself and keep the central nervous system balanced. Also, cut back or limit your intake of sugar and alcohol during the upcoming holidays. People tend to go overboard then. 

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